[CLX][#01] Animation - Price Ticker (Marquee)

cryptolinx Updated   
This indicator displays a classic animated price ticker overlaid on the user’s current chart. It is possible to fully customize it or to select one of the predefined styles.

A detailed description will follow in the next few days.

Used Pinescript technics:
- varip (view/animation)
- tulip instance (config/codestructur)
- table (view/position)

By the way, for me, one of the coolest animated effects is by Duyck

We hope you enjoy it! 🎉

CRYPTOLINX - jango_blockchained 😊👍

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Release Notes:
Change default style to better show up on light backgrounds.
Added whitespace and divider function into pre-config.
Release Notes:
Added price updates per cycle.
Release Notes:
Bug fixes.
Release Notes:
Update marquee function:
- version5 update :D
- stepless/smoother string transition (e.g. new candle - change)
- small fixes

DEV: Working on a library with a single function to call.
Release Notes:
Edit defaults.
Release Notes:
- Bug fixes
- Refactor
Release Notes:
- Added fonts
- Update marquee function
Release Notes:
Bug fix
Release Notes:
- Bug Fix!
- Stable Version
Release Notes:
- Added alt function `f_ip_animation_marquee_alt()` using `str.substring()` of `f_ip_animation_marquee()`.
- Stable version.
Release Notes:

  • LIVE DATA FEED. Market data gets updated in real-time on every tick without a string position reset.
  • Performance optimization. Reduced memory consumption up to >90% by kicking the output to the "stdout".
  • Use marquee-effect on any possible string location.
  • Now as library version :)

Used Library:
Release Notes:
  • Bug fix: Removed "typo" in str.format().
  • Bug fix: Removed "out of bounds" on string length change.
  • Update: Library version from 1 to 2
  • New: Extra inputs for new table cell. Cell shows the selected price ticker resolution.
  • New: Icon-sets.
  • New: Changelog.
Release Notes:
▮ JAN 19 2023
  • Update library version from 2 to 3
  • Bug Fix: Added missed 'Cell #1 Width' input
Release Notes:
Another bug fix

Sorry for the high update frequency, today! 🙏😅
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