4H CCI Strategy 1.3

Still working on fixing the code 100%.
Will update with a new version soon.
This one's fine tuned for gold             (tp and sl size, and contract size for a 100k account)


Ivan Labrie
Time at Mode FX
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strategy("4H CCI Strategy 1.3", overlay=true)
length = input( 11 )
overSold = input( -150 )
overBought = input( +150 )
price1 = high
price2 = low
ucci = cci(price1, length)
dcci = cci(price2, length)
vcci = cci(ohlc4, 11)
tp = input(title='Take profit in ticks:', type=float, defval=3000.0)
sl = input(title='Stop loss in ticks:', type=float, defval=1000.0)
trade_size = input(title='Trade Size:', type=float, defval=5)
if (not na(vcci))
    if (crossover(dcci, overSold))
        strategy.entry("CCILE", strategy.long, comment="CCILE",qty=trade_size)
        strategy.exit(id="CCILE", profit = tp, loss = sl)
    if (crossunder(ucci, overBought))
        strategy.entry("CCISE", strategy.short, comment="CCISE",qty=trade_size)
        strategy.exit(id="CCISE", profit = tp, loss = sl)
//plot(strategy.equity, title="equity", color=red, linewidth=2, style=areabr)