Moving Average(MA) Collection

A simple collection of Simple Moving Averages and Exponential Moving Averages. 4 moving averages enabled by default from a total of 10.

Turn MAs on/off and edit the line style/colour via MA Collection settings.

Default Moving Averages and Default Line Styles
  • 21 EMA (Thin, Purple)
  • 50 SMA (Medium, Yellow)
  • 100 EMA (Medium, Dove Gray)
  • 200 SMA (Thick, Radical Red)

Other Optional Moving Averages and Default Line Styles
  • 5 SMA (Thin, Gray)
  • 8 EMA (Thin, Strkemaster)
  • 13 EMA (Thin, Stiletto)
  • 40 EMA (Medium, Rio Grande)
  • 100 SMA (Medium, Silver )
  • 314 EMA (Thick, Olive)
Release Notes: Added 23 SMA.
Disabled some default SMAs and EMAs.
Release Notes: Corrected label of 23 EMA to 23 SMA.
Release Notes: Bug Fixes
Add 10 SMA
Release Notes: Added 100 Hull Moving Average
Release Notes:
  • Cleaner settings
  • Added 290 SMA
Release Notes:
  • Fixed 290MA

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