CryptoM173's Gimme Money

Latest version. Nobody gave me feedback and managing requests to add people became a PITA. Enjoy.

I like money, you like money, this set up has the potential to make a LOT of it. That being said, I do NOTmake any warranties of this making you money, nor do I guarantee you will NOT lose money. In the end, you're the one configuring it and interpreting the results. Providing that you DO set it up correctly and it makes you obscene amounts of money, donations are always welcome (addresses below).

Before you start, it's probably you read EVERYTHING below.

You'll have to do some tweaking of the MA's to find a strat that best suits your needs. It is an indicator you're welcome to use to assist in your trading decisions. I made this script for renko charts and trading bitcoin -1.64% because the standard strat wasn't working out. if you find you're getting a lot of consecutive colored bars or crosses on Renko, you may need to switch from ATR 14 to something like Traditional 50. You will need to adjust the "box value" for traditional renko to fit the asset you're working with, on the time frame you're trading on. Smaller values (i. e. on bitcoin -1.64% I use a box value of 50 on 4hr and 1D with absurd success) but you need to make sure they're not too small, otherwise small moves may appear larger than they are, resulting in a bunch of break-even trades. If you're going to be trading cryptocurrency, it's easiest to switch back to ATR14 to get an idea of the Average Trading range to have a reference point to start from trading btc -1.64% (i.e .000034 rather than 50).

It's a great tool if you're looking to carry both swap and futs positions and keep an eye on the short term swap opportunities while monitoring the status of your futs position and help decide whether or not to close a long at a correction or not and while this strategy has been most effective for me with Renko bars, it's been very useful for monitoring futs positions on traditional charts.

For access, feel free to DM -0.34% me on twitter , @CryptoM173

If you're the generous type, feel free to donate Bitcoin to: 3BMEXWz6Es7iLdi9zAyMWWHHZPNbMKPqrV

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