TD Lines Strategy

Initial version of the Strategy Script to backtest the TD lines study.
Currently only long/ buy trades are implemented. Maybe there will be a switch to choose between long or short trades. This will be a workaround to assure that a buy-signal does not close out an open short-trade.
In this example a RR of 1:3 is used with TD points Level 1.
The signals of the study appear on the close of a candle, while the strategy opens new trades on open of the following candle.
Some features are still missing, e.g. the "early exit rules" to close out trades early that go into the wrong direction.
The results seem to be pretty good already - perfect to be used with autoview on a 5min timeframe.
Highly profitable with only a little less more than 6% drawdown!
Release Notes: Release Candidate 1
  • match the behavior to the latest version of the study including all the missing features (short-trades, alternative SL/TP calculations R:R vs 3DTSR)
  • added a time-range-filter to enable walk-forward analysis and to avoid errors due to exceeding the number of allowed orders (2000?) during backtests
Currently the study calculates entries/ exits based on closed candles ("close") to avoid repainting etc. The strategy enters trades on the "open" following the close candle.
The strategy will give a good indication on how successful any given parameter set will be, although it might not be a 100% identical to the study signals. You should always do extensive paper-trading before trade this strategy/ study with real money.
Release Notes:
  • Added new TP style: R:R+3DTSL - this combines both styles with having a SL via the R:R approach while using 3DTSL for TP/ trailing stops
  • bugfix: nomore TP/ SL signals at the same time
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Release Notes: New Release of the TD Lines Strategy with a lot of improvements and Documentations with Examples available here: