Swing Low Sweet Chariot

I've been using this indicator now for the past few months and seen some very large profits as a result of it.

I've been using this successfully on the one hour FX charts, but seems to work equally as well on higher or lower time frames (not less than 30min).

I've added in some support and resistance functionality and plenty of settings to play with to fine tune to your strategy.

One of the main reasons that I've added in some support and resistance is that there are some times when an indicator is triggered very close to a S&R point then I may not take the trade.

Additionally to the indicator, I'll use trend lines , ADX and RSI to confirm the trend.

Alerts are set up for Long Entry, Short Entry, Long Exit and Short Exit.

Not that the exit points are approximate and won't hit the peaks, however they will prevent price retracement.

Offering 5-day free use of the indicator and then after that it will be £100/yr if you like the indicator. This will also cover all future updates.

Happy to answer any questions or send over other screenshots of currency pairs. Also happy to work with any other users if they have any ideas for improving (i.e. automated trend lines ).


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Hello, can you get trail access please, userid : cryptofutures2021
cryptofutures2021 cryptofutures2021
can i get the access please
Hi, can I get access to this script
Mikeo82 rndeere
@rndeere, Hi, I'm just publishing my new suite of scripts,. You can have 2 weeks free access if you like and can set that up for you?