DSF - DTFL Overlay

This is an overlay of the various base tools DTFL traders use to enter/exit trades.

It provides and allows for the customization of the following:
  • ATR time period and displayable value in pips (uses the Daily time frame)
  • Moving ATR high/low lines that change color when the price touches and/or breaches the line
  • Sessions/trading windows for Asia, EU and US (available in full-length columns or "boxes")
  • Current time frame EMA as well as long and short EMA's
  • Colorized out-of-session candles
  • Previous hi/low for a selected time frame
Release Notes: Updated missing settings, removed erroneous settings, added missing setting names.
Release Notes:
  • Moved and added second ATR label
  • Removed erroneous setting
  • Fixed Previous Hi/Lo redrawing issue
Release Notes:
  • Added ADR and option to use either ADR or ATR
  • Moved ADR/ATR values to reduce chance of getting blocked or getting in the way of other analysis
  • Code clean-up
Release Notes:
  • Updated ATR/ADR line label text to also change when switching from ADR to ATR.
Release Notes: Massive update in this release!

  • Added ADR and ability to select either ADR or ATR
  • Added ability to lock ADR/ATR (AxR) lines when the AxR is hit
  • Fixed time frame errors on Daily
  • Added AxR lines/labels on the Daily time frame
  • Added time frames lower than the 15m to show indicator
  • Fixed erroneous settings and style options
  • Globalized session background colors to one setting for each session
  • Added session ranges to the bottom of each session with a hoverable tooltip
  • Code refactor to remove inefficiencies
Release Notes:
  • Fixed redrawing issue with AxR's on higher time frames
  • Fixed AxR line locking issue
Release Notes:
  • Code cleanup and more appropriate screenshot, no functionality change
Release Notes:
  • Moved some of the options around to make turning some of the more commonly changed options more accessible
  • Added visual separators for each option group
Release Notes:
  • Updated trading session verbiage
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