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This script is based on the standard Momentum indicator, the plot of which is very similar to the plot of the Stochastic %D indicator. Momentum in physics is Mass x Velocity. The time-rate of change in momentum is Force, or Mass x Acceleration. The product of Mass x Velocity x Acceleration = Power, as in; Volt-Ampers Reactive and Real Power in Watts. It is often spoken of the "energy in the market" and, Power is the time-rate of change in energy. This indicator displays the energy in the market and is based on the TopDog Trading Methodology, to be used as a supplement to the usual energies therein.

Momentum is interpreted as the Average Current, the amplitude indicates the momentum in the market.
Force is interpreted as the Average Voltage. The amplitude indicates the speed at which the momentum is accelerating. It is the representation of Force acting on price.
The Trigger trace is used to set alerts when it crosses the Average Current.
Power is the time-rate of change in energy. Since different time frames have different amounts of Power, a scaling factor is provided to increase/decrease the scale of the Power plot.
The Slow Average Current is just the SMA of the Average Current. It indicates the accumulated (integrated) Average Momentum over time.
Release Notes:
New version includes:
1. Trigger pulses that indicate a setup on the plot.
2. There are now multiple setups that can be alerted.
3. Alert pulses that can be used to setup and minimize the number of Alerts required per pair.
4. The addition of a higher time frame MACD, that adds a required energy for the Top Dog setups.
5. Addition of a Trend Gain, to filter out some signals that occur when there is no trend.
6. Addition of the MACD Signal line, so the MACD indicator is not required on the chart to save space.
I typically run two instances, one with the AVE Current and Voltage and another with the Slow AVE Current and Voltage.
Release Notes:
1. Corrected typo in Trigger algorithm. Improved accuracy.
2. To set Alerts, select the Power Analyzer Alert variable to be "Greater Than" and Value = 0.0. When a setup is triggered, the alert will have a value of "1", to trip the alert. If there is no setup the value = 0.0 and the alert is not tripped.
3. Added a setup trigger for MACD Signal turning up (or down).
Release Notes:
1. Updated Trigger Algorithm for better trade signals.
2. Trigger pulses "up" sighal Sell, Trigger pulses "down" signal Buy
3. Both Trigger and Slow Trigger will generate an Alert pulse, which can be setup to send notification when Alert is Greater Than (>) 0.
4. Increased trend gain from .05 pips to .5 pips for new algorithm.
5. Working on a divergence detector, not completed.
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