[RS]Channel Projection V1

note: angle calculation is not correct.
added optional time calculation and bar calculation
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No he podido hacerlo funcionar, ni en un día, Gracias si pudiera ayudarme
An angle on a financial chart should be some sort of tangent like a loss or gain of x pips per bar. I believe it is near to impossible to use actual time, because trading days aren't regular in the real world.
RicardoSantos eykpunter
@eykpunter, there are divergent thoughts in the matter, mine is that price is always flowing even when markets are closed otherwise you wouldnt get gaps between sessions. therefor time the time axis should be noted in time and not bars.

it could be possible to create a scale with matching price/time using a method similar to renko were block advances/declines on the price axis by 1 unit and on the time axis by 1 bar, then since you now have a equal measuring unit you could extrapolate a angle
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cool as always