MoT - [Analyst] - Action Locator


Action Locator is a great tool to find ranging markets and trends. It tells you nothing about the direction of the market, but tracks volatility very well.

Blue bars (above) = There is ACTION in the market -- signals it should be safe to trade
Gray bars (above) = No ACTION - DO NOT TRADE!

Teal bars (below) = There is force behind the ACTION!
Gray bars (below) = Less volatility in the market, be careful!


AUDNZD on the 4HR Time Frame


- In the Top Panel we have our version of Accumulation and Distribution with an SMA added to Identify a trend in ACC / DIST a little easier and earlier.

- On the Chart we have the Chart version of the Berlin Range Index which changes the Candle Colour to match the conditions of the indicator.

- Below the chart we have our panel version of the Berlin Range Index.

- In the Bottom Panel we have this Indicator, our action locator tool which is also extremely powerful at identifying ranging markets and trends.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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