30 Min Scalp System

A scalping script for the 30 min chart that is designed and tuned to be used with trading bots such as ProfitView or Autoview. I personally trade with this on Bitmex.

This trading system is built upon 4 established trading indicators that compliment each other. All signals are filtered in a number of ways to avoid chop and only trigger when a strong trend or crossover is identified.

Alerts are included for longs, shorts and exits in both directions.

Recommended setup:

- Trade with leverage and take 75%-80% out at 0.5% profit, leaving the rest to run
- Initial stop-loss of 1%, initiating a trailing stop of 0.75% when TP is hit
- Ensure bots are set to ignore open orders in the same direction

I use this in conjunction with ProfitView where I run three custom scripts to manage my position entries, monitor profit levels, dynamically move my stop and then exit positions where appropriate.

Note: Exit signals are show here even when trades aren't open because it's only possible to hide these when using a strategy script. This is coded as an indicator so that alerts can be sent to your chosen bot.

Disclaimer: The signals aren't perfect but no script is. The above cannot be considered financial advice and I take no responsibility from any losses incurred. A test account is recommended to verify the win rate before trading on a live platform.
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