CDC ATR Trailing Stop V2.1 (2013)

CDC ATR Trailing Stop V2.1
The indicator / system was developed a few years ago.
Contains two ATR trailing stop lines, fast and slow.
The slow ATR SL line is the same as the one in a normal ATR trailing stop loss indicator.
The fast one is created to generate buy/sell signals

To use the signals, activate them from the indicator's settings (gear icon next to the indicator's name on the chart) and enable buy / sell arrows.

The system works well in high volatility market.

I personally use this as the faster system in conhunction with my slower MA system to diversify portfolio performance.
Release Notes: Added Alert Conditions and Line ID
Release Notes: Bug fix so it is usable.
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Did you write this code for stratgy?
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Hey mate I was wondering if you have done an updated version of this script?
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Now can not use script error thank
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how do you use Slow Trail and Fast Trail? What is the difference?
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How can I use script filter all stocks?
I want to find buy or sel stocks.
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I really like this script- Thank you
I dont have the ability to create as you do, would you consider adding another feature so each ATR can have a different data source?
Reason I ask is my exit strategy is start with a closing ATR stop loss and after the first correction (if Im not stopped out) is shifting over to a smaller multiple ATR on a highest high basis. Most times gets me out closer to the top. I trade on about a 2 week horizon
That way it will all be in one script! (Im open to any ideas to improve my exits)
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Repaint ?
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Great work piriya33, thanks for sharing
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Hi Sir,
Perfect script, do you have done an updated (version 4) of this script?
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Great n perfect script thx bro