MoT - [Ultras] - Money Flow Mastery


This is one of our extremely mathematically complex Premium Indicators that shows you the flow of money from one asset class to another.

When an asset class is above the "50" line it is classed as Bullish . Below the "50" line and it is Bearish .

The Money Flow Mastery Indicator allows you to scan the broader market to identify where ideally your Capital should be allocated.

If you see that for example the Indices and Stocks are due to outperform the likes of Gold , Crypto and Dollar etc the Indicator allows you to add custom Money Flow Signal Lines for certain stocks or Indices. So you can hone in on, or fine tune your investment Strategy.

Money Flow Mastery allows you to use different Time Frames and is highly customisable


These were perfect set-ups for Gold Vs. Dollar.

In this example the two assets Gold and USD cross with great momentum right at the "50" line. Combined with other indicators for context, this is a hugely powerful Indicator. More recently you can see Gold holding above the Bull level and the USD holding below the Bear line clearly showing it has been wiser to hold precious metals rather than FIAT.


Many Thanks and Trade Safe!

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