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Library "Signal_transcoder_library"

This is my 2nd iteration for sending Signals via Plots. (first one was the 8bit Version)
Now a cleaner approach (thanks for the hints @lonesometheblue)

Input a 16 bool Array
Outputs a Float for transmitting via Plot

Input a Float from plot via input-mapping
Outputs a Array of 16 bools

Future Ideas:
Transmitting 2-4 Ints (-127 to 127) and Bools

Release Notes: v2

here you can mix the channels
array in (16 bits) array remapped out (16 bits)

standard bit operations like:
"and", "or", "not", "nand", "nor", "xor", "xnor",
classic timerblocks (candletimers)
"TP", "TPD", "TON", "TOF"
Release Notes: v3 bugfixing the TOF/TON Function (no masking of false)
Release Notes: v4

added MDP

Minimum Deviation Percentage
it will give you the option to filter out signals by only accepting new signals after a minimum move of the close price.
for dca strategys very usefull, as it limits a overinvesting by a triggerhappy indicator.
Release Notes: v5
Added bool funtion "rate"
it counts the bool-in compares it with needed trues in a given range
example: channelin 0 bars 20 trues 10 channelout 1

no other changes
Release Notes: v6

f_infuse_signal() overloaded function
it does infuse 1 to 8 signals into a 16 elements bool array (for each amount a overload)
with an additional check for the channel provided for -1 < channel <15
f_infuse_signal(int channel1, bool mysignal1, int channel2, bool mysignal 2 , .... , int channel8, bool mysignal8, boolarray)
f_infuse_signal(int channel1, bool mysignal1, boolarray)
Release Notes: bug hunting

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