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STONEHENGE PLUS: The Complete SuperTrend Trading Toolkit (STONES)

The Stonehenge Toolkit (consisting of the Companion Overlay and Indicator Stones) creates a masterful "All-In-One" Indicator-of-Indicators SET that provides everything you need and nothing you don't need. Calculations and clues from dozens of built-in Indicators, Oscillators and Technical Analysis Tools are interpolated candle-by-candle, and then it gets really interesting... PRINT THIS OUT.

What follows is a description (with usage instructions) that covers multiple "STONEHENGE" indicators all intended to work together as "The Complete Stonehenge Plus SuperTrend Trading Toolkit"

1) Stonehenge "Stones" Indicator (Strategy & Study Versions)

2) Companion Chart Overlay w/ Super Smart SuperTrend (Study)

For over 4000 years, people have stood in awe of one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe: Stonehenge. So you're thinking, what does an array of megalithic stones in Wiltshire, England have to do with trading crypto? Perhaps nothing, but this indicator casts a predictive array of stones which when observed and studied can reveal clues of future price action with a high degree of accuracy. Trade these stone clues and you can make a lot of money. SAY WHAT?

OK, OK... enough of the heavy speak and wild analogies. Here's the bottomline...

The Stonehenge Toolkit is a masterful "All-In-One" Indicator of Indicators set that has everything you need and nothing you don't need. Calculations and clues from dozens of built-in Indicators, Oscillators and Technical Analysis Tools are interpolated candle-by-candle.

The results are cast in a series of "trend predictive stones" lined up to tell a price action story across multiple timeframes. Shooting stars dart above and below these stones highlighting reversals, trends and premium trade signals. Colors are added to clarify direction and indicate optimal trade opportunities.

Yet, as powerful as these stones are, many traders need even more. This is where the Stonehenge COMPANION OVERLAY comes in. Many of the indicators that form the calculations behind the predictive stones are rendered directly on your price chart with this companion overlay. You'll receive visual confirmation from highly accurate Trend Clouds, Optimized Super-Trend Lines, Support & Resistance , Sine Waves and clearly marked entry and exit points.

The COMPANION Chart Overlay includes our exclusive self-adjusting "Super Smart SuperTrend" plus 12+ Powerful Indicators Built-in.

There is a Study Version for Alerts, a Strategy Version for Backtesting. These work in synch with the COMPANION Overlay that enhances your candle visualization (Heikin Ashi Candles Recommended). All of these elements are masterfully synched and optimized for maximum results, minimal loss and pure simplicity.

We all know that no person, tool, nor any indicator can guarantee what the future will bring, but this is as close as it gets to having everything you need handed to you on a silver platter. Once you learn to read these stones, you'll make money.

No. It seems everyone asks this question, so again.... this indicator does not repaint.

There is an impressive FREE VERSION that comes in two parts:
1. Double Row Stones w/ Alerts (study)
2. Super Smart SuperTrend (overlay)
3. Get the FREE version here

Using the link in footer below, you may subscribe to the 'Traders Toolkit' FULL VERSION which consists of THREE parts:
1. STUDY VERSION: Triple Row Stones w/Shooting Stars, Signals and Alerts. (Study w/Alerts)
2. COMPANION OVERLAY w/Super Smart SuperTrend and 12+ Indicators-In-One (Chart Overlay w/Alerts)
3. STRATEGY VERSION with 24+ Trading Variables. Discover Amazing Trading Opportunities w/80%+ Win Rates. (Strategy w/Backtesting)

Special Thanks for Ideas and Inspiration From: ChrisMoody, LonesomeTheBlue, GrantPeace, RicardoSantos, PRO_Indicators, Capissimo, Morpheus747, Everget, Glaz, Lazybear and others.

This Toolkit Combines Many Modified and Optimized Indicators, Oscillators and Technical Analysis Tools (such as):
SuperTrend (Standard & Smart Version)
Heikin Ashi
Demark Sequential Countdown
Percentage Price Oscillator
Weighted Sine-wave
Murrey Math Oscillators
Support & Resistance
Bollinger Bands
Donchian Channels
Cumulative Volume Index
Commodity Channel Index
Average True Range
Various Moving Averages ( SWMA , EMA etc)

This is a good question. I've seen other indicators that just pile stuff together under the pretense that more stuff equals a better indicator. You end up with a chart of spaghetti and as we all know, looking at MORE spaghetti does not make you more Italian! Your goal is to make money by winning more trades than you lose. Stonehenge takes a lot of complex data and simplifies it into something that will help you reach your goals.

What Stonehenge tries to provide is useful yet robust Toolset, with flexibility, options, opportunity and simplicity. A clear visualization of what the indicator calculations are trying to tell you... candle-by-candle, across multiple timeframes. Some say it's like reading tea leaves, only in our case we have colored stones and shooting stars!

You can toggle most visual elements on or off (yet they'll continue to work in the background). You can explore and discover endless trading opportunities by combining different entry and exit criteria with just a few clicks within the settings panel. Even the sensitivity of each stone row can be adjusted until you find your optimal trading plan.

Learn to read these stones and you'll be assured of many happy trading days.

There is no one way to use the Stonehenge Toolkit. In fact, the more you observe, backtest and study the Stones, Stars and other clues, the better you'll get.


1) Stonehenge is color coded... Greens, Blues and Yellows typical mean an UP tick or UP trend. Reds, Pinks, Purples, and Oranges typically mean a DOWN tick or DOWN trend. Darker colors indicate a stronger trend in color direction. Points where a color flips to another color are often areas of interest. Review similar changes in history and you can see the effect on price action.

2) When multiple indicator elements synch-up to display a common color, common trend or price movement, this confirms the likely price direction.

3) The interaction between indicator elements can often leave clues. For example:

a) Green stones with orange/red shooting stars above often indicate a solid uptrend in progress (perhaps a sign to stay in your long trade). Or Red stones with green shooting stars below tend to occur in down trends (stay in your short trade).

b) When the stars end (or land) on a matching color stone, the trend usually reverses.

c) A top row stone may signal a good early entry in the direction of color (red or green) or you may prefer to follow the more conservative middle stone row calling it's shots from a higher time frame. You can also wait for stone rows to match-up in color direction for more confirmation of coming price action.

d) The BOTTOM Stone Row offers yet more opportunity by displaying darker colors if directional trend is strong. In settings, you can make these colors stand out more by check boxing STRONG TREND CLOUD BACKGROUND COLORING.

e) The BOTTOM Stone Row will occasionally present "SIGNAL STONES" in yellow (up) or orange (down). These occur sometimes as shooting stars are about to land and are optimal trading opportunities.

f) Keep an eye on the SUPERTREND line signals (on Overlay), especially the SMART AUTO-ADJUSTING SUPERTREND. These are very good entry signals, however the stones might help refine your exits.

g) Look for extra clues on the overlay such as: DeMark's reversal set-up counts (colored 8's and 9's), or the faint red/green reversal asterisks, the up-signal yellow candle BULLY bars and the Overbought/Oversold Red/Green intensity bar at top of chart. There is even a 4-colored master trend indicator at the bottom of your chart... These all reveal turning points and trend on your chart.

h) Let the interaction of stones tell their story. Some people get in on top row stones, then watch the bottom row to keep them in through minor price dips and finally exit upon a color change in another row. Others prefer to wait until a bottom row stone flips to a dark color and then exit when all three stone rows flip to an opposite color.

Further tweaking of your signals and decision points is easy! In your indicator settings, you can control the sensitivity of EACH row of stones. This means you can start your backtests of entry and exits (for the asset and timeframe you're trading) using the default settings and then refine your backtest winners so they are even more predictive of profitable trades in the future.

Regardless of how you trade and read the stones, it is suggested you ZOOM OUT and get the bigger timeframe picture first, then work your way down to the timeframe where you like to trade.

With so many coins (assets), timeframes, and trading styles... there is NO ONE WAY to read the stones across all these variables. But most traders start to see opportunities JUMP OUT before their eyes after observing Stonehenge for only a short while.

Don't be greedy! When you see good money on the table, grab it! There will always be more predictive stones coming to help you start your next trade. Also remember, you can trade stoned but never naked. Protect yourself with smart stoploss placement using either the SUPPORT & RESISTANCE lines or the colored cloud lines as shown on your Stonehenge Price Chart.

If you prefer for the indicator to highlight the various trading opportunities, you have unlimited variations to choose from in your indicator settings. Your entry & exit choices will be clearly displayed with colored buy/sell bars (columns) across the stone row(s) in play.

IN THE STUDY INDICATOR: Your buy/sell signal bars (columns) can be set as ALARMS so you never miss a great trading opportunity.

IN THE STRATEGY INDICATOR: Your buy/sell signal bars (columns) can be set to BACKTEST and explore your best trading options. When looking at backtest results remember, the "PROFIT FACTOR" result is important. For example, a "Profit Factor" of 10 means that you have an opportunity to earn $10 for every $1 you trade if you stick with the strategy over time and future price moves are similar to backtested history.


The TOP Stone Row is your current time frame synched with whatever timeframe chart you are looking at, whereas the MIDDLE Stone Row is a higher timeframe (see below) and the BOTTOM Stone Row is a combination of the two above.

1 min chart synchs with a 15 min higher timeframe.
3 min chart synchs with a 15 min higher timeframe.
5 min chart synchs with a 15 min higher timeframe.
15 min chart synchs with a 60 min higher timeframe.
30 min chart synchs with a 60 min higher timeframe.
45 min chart synchs with a 120 min higher timeframe.
60 min chart synchs with a 240 min higher timeframe.
120 min chart synchs with a 240 min higher timeframe.
180 min chart synchs with a 240 min higher timeframe.
240 min chart synchs with a 360 min higher timeframe.
360 min chart synchs with a 480 min higher timeframe.
480 min chart synchs with a 12 hour higher timeframe.
720 min chart synchs with a DAY higher timeframe.
DAY chart synchs with a WEEK higher timeframe.


The best way to think of these stones is as "THREE WISE MEN." Each has a story to tell and clues to reveal. They take in all the data from dozens of powerful indicators, oscillators and TA data points and interpret it for you. They boil everything down into a COLOR and a SHAPE. Simple, simple, simple. You take what these STONES present and confirm it with what you see on the Stonehenge COMPANION Chart Overlay.

That's it. You really need nothing more. Get "Stoned" Today!

The Complete SuperTrend Trading Toolkit

Double Stone Version (Study w/Alerts):
Super Smart SuperTrend (Overlay w/Alerts)

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Release Notes: Made improvements to the internal Standard Supertrend and Super Smart Supertrend code that are two of many indicator data sources used to derive the Stonehenge "stones."
Release Notes: Minor typo correction

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