Trend-following Alert E v2.6 4H ETHBTC

Hi All,

Welcome to my first published Trend-following strategy for Ethereum , designed specifically for POLONIEX:ETHBTC on 4H due its long price history.
This script is based on my previously published scripts for bitcoin .

This script is the Alert script to use for settings up Alerts on Tradingview.
The accompanying strategy script and explanations/caveats you can find here:

In this script you will find the "active_long" and "active_long" variables (red and blue lines) that show which positions are being taken by the strategy script.

You can set 'Once per bar close' alerts for this to get your alerts on TV.
For instance, I use 'crossing up @ 0.1' on "active_long" to set an 'Open Long" alert and a 'crossing down @ 0.9' to set a 'Close Long' alert.
The same holds for the 'Open Short' and the 'Close Short' alerts but then for the 'active_short' variable.

I've also added start and end dates to test specific time periods.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Release Notes: Updated logic to detect and prevent chop, resulting in improved ROI/Sharpe/Profit Factor
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