[LAVA] UNO Overlay

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This is the Ultimate (Nonlinear) Oscillator in overlay format. Took me a while to figure out the best configuration and finally found this one. From what I've observed, this is basically a support/resistance line indicator. When the candle moves thru the supporting/resisting line, its a entry/exit point or an indicator that the opposite side should be targeted depending on the market condition. Ignore the wicks as they go thru the line constantly.

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study(title="[LAVA] Ultimate Nonlinear Oscillator", shorttitle="UNO_L", overlay=true)

length7 = input(7, minval=1), length14 = input(14, minval=1), length28 = input(28, minval=1)

average(bp, tr_, length) => sum(bp, length) / sum(tr_, length)

lowers = highest(low, length14)
uppers = lowest(high, length14) 
high_ = max(high, close[1])
low_ = min(low, close[1])
bp = close - low_
tr_ = high_ - low_
tp_ = uppers - lowers
avg7 = average(bp, tr_, length7)
avg14 = average(bp, tr_, length14)
avg28 = average(bp, tr_, length28)

out = 100 * (4*avg7 + 2*avg14 + avg28)/7
upper = uppers-out*(tp_*.015)
lower = lowers+out*(tp_*.018)

p2 = plot(lower, color=#00FF00, title="UNO TOP")
p3 = plot(upper, color=#FF0000, title="UNO BOT")