[RS]vdub Nexus Ribbon V0

Request for vdubus.
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//Script editor vdubus coded by RicardoSantos
// (set variables as required Upper & Lower) Switch out any of the indicators you don't want.
study(title="[RS]vdub Nexus Ribbon V0", shorttitle="[RS]vdub Nexus Ribbon V0", overlay=true)
//============================Ichomku cloud
//- if possible just the cloud it self & conversion period
show_cloud = input(true, title="Display Ichimoku Cloud:")
conversionPeriods = input(34, minval=1)
basePeriods = input(26, minval=1)
laggingSpan2Periods = input(52, minval=1)
displacement = input(26, minval=1)

donchian(len) => avg(lowest(len), highest(len))

conversionLine = donchian(conversionPeriods)
baseLine = donchian(basePeriods)
leadLine1 = avg(conversionLine, baseLine)
leadLine2 = donchian(laggingSpan2Periods)

plot(not show_cloud ? na : conversionLine, color=blue,linewidth=2, style=circles, title="Mid line resistance levels")
//plot(baseLine, color=red, title="Base Line")
//plot(close, offset = -displacement, color=green, title="Lagging Span")

p1 = plot(not show_cloud ? na : leadLine1, offset = displacement, color=green, title="Lead 1")
p2 = plot(not show_cloud ? na : leadLine2, offset = displacement, color=red, title="Lead 2")
fill(p1, p2)

//===============================Pivot channel==========================
length1 = input(20, minval=1, title="Upper Channel")
length2 = input(20, minval=1, title="Lower Channel")
upper = highest(length1)
lower = lowest(length2)
basis = avg(upper, lower)
l = plot(lower, style=circles, linewidth=2, color=fuchsia, title="lower")
u = plot(upper, style=circles, linewidth=2, color=fuchsia, title="upper")
//-----------------Built in MA 55-----------------------------------------
m1_src = close
m1_p = input(55, title="MA1 Period:")
plot(sma(m1_src, m1_p), color=red, linewidth=2, title="MA1")
//-----------------Built in MA 144-----------------------------------------
m2_src = close
m2_p = input(144, title="MA2 Period:")
plot(sma(m2_src, m2_p), color=blue, linewidth=1, title="MA2")
//-----------------Built in MA 233-----------------------------------------
m3_src = close
m3_p = input(233, title="MA3 Period:")
plot(sma(m3_src, m3_p), color=maroon, linewidth=1, title="MA3")
//--------------------Strength indicators MA------------------
m4_src = close
m4_p = input(5, title="Strength indicator MA4:")
plot(sma(m4_src, m4_p), color=red, linewidth=3, title="Strength indicator MA4")
m5_src = close
m5_p = input(8, title="Strength indicator MA5:")
plot(sma(m5_src, m5_p), color=blue, linewidth=3, title="Strength indicator MA5")
//============= TV's MA EXP RIBBON =====================
//  Exp MA's Set Inputs:
show_ema = input(true, title="Display Exponential MA Set:")
ema_src = input(close, title="Exponential MA's Source:")
ema_base_length = input(20, minval=1, title="Exponential MA's Base Length:")
ema_length_scalar = input(5, minval=0, title="Exponential MA's Length Scalar:")
//=============Exp MA 9..15==============================
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length)                    , color=black, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 1:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar)  , color=yellow, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 2:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar*2), color=orange, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 3:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar*3), color=red, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 4:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar*4), color=maroon, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 5:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar*5), color=maroon, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 6:")
plot(not show_ema ? na : ema(ema_src, ema_base_length+ema_length_scalar*6), color=black, linewidth=1, title="Exponential MA 7:")

//=============Hull MA's 9 - 15
//  Hull MA's Set Inputs:
show_hma = input(true, title="Display Hull MA Set:")
hma_src = input(close, title="Hull MA's Source:")
hma_base_length = input(9, minval=1, title="Hull MA's Base Length:")
hma_length_scalar = input(1, minval=0, title="Hull MA's Length Scalar:")
//  Hull MA Function:
hullma(src, length)=>wma(2*wma(src, length/2)-wma(src, length), round(sqrt(length)))
//=============Hull MA 9..15==============================
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length)                    , color=black, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 1:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar)  , color=aqua, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 2:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*2), color=teal, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 3:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*3), color=blue, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 4:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*4), color=blue, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 5:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*5), color=navy, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 6:")
plot(not show_hma ? na : hullma(hma_src, hma_base_length+hma_length_scalar*6), color=black, linewidth=1, title="Hull MA 7:")
with candles
+2 Reply
Yes look better whith the Candles :_)
This indicator is very attractive. but what program you use? MT4? Can you help me? thanks
+5 Reply
United States
United Kingdom
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