HMA VWMA ICHIMOKU special blend
Release Notes: Added Chris Moody's Pivot thingy
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nice work!
It would be wonderful an update and perfection :)
@dilace, i will put it on mission list, update it. thanks
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@SeaSide420 so how do you use this thing? Whats entry and exit?
RightHandBarberFX RightHandBarberFX
@SeaSide420 actaully, i think i got it. triangle enter, red circle exit; enter if another green circle appears, exit at next red circle, continue until a red triangle appears. rinse and repeat
SeaSide420 RightHandBarberFX
@RightHandBarberFX, triangle signal is ichimoku dot signal is hull ma and cloud is VWMA and the pivots can help find entry/exit. i recommend use CCI_Hull with it

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thanks for this..

i made the strategy out of this.. but doesnt seem to be profitable..
can u pls suggest the pairs this work on and time frame ?
SeaSide420 krunalbarot
@krunalbarot, What entry combination do you have?
i mean, this isnt a strategy, there is 3 indicators in it, what combo do you have as entry and exit?
Does it enter at the triangle, then close at the reverse color dot and then reeneter when dot same as start triangle and so on?
Triangle showing possible change in trend, hull showing each wave, vwma showing long MA's
the round dots are the hull MA crossover, the triangles is the ichimoku, and the cloud part is VWMA
please paste your strategy here
krunalbarot SeaSide420
if (cr1 and cdnB*-1 ? cdnB*-1 : na)
//longCondition = n1>n2 and close>n2 // and open<LS and MACD>aMACD

if (cr1 and cupA ? cupA : na)
SeaSide420 krunalbarot
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