Trendespresso Strategy Wrapper

• v4.5
• Requires a "Strategy Trigger" plot
• Generates automated backtesting results
• Permits a high customization of Alerts and export data for use in Webhook'ing Bots or other data logging programs
Release Notes:
• Updated the default settings
Release Notes:
• Beta version including "Wide Keltner Channel" which is to be used for automated trading and disabled for manual trading
Release Notes:
• v4.6
• Fixed a bug where 5 consecutive Take Profit hits would not Exit a position (now they do; ensure “Calc Trend Slope for Exit” is not enabled to use this feature without additional filtering)
• Fixed a bug where the Trailing Stop Loss would not Exit a position (now they do; ensure “Calc Trend Slope for Exit” is not enabled to use this feature without additional filtering)
• Added a “Wide Keltner Channel” option under the Strategy section (OFF is preferred for Manual trading)
• Added Automatic Fibonacci Lines
• Updated the "Strong Trend" conditions/analysis
• Changed a few default settings
Release Notes:
• Fixed a bug where the same settings in the Manual version wouldn't translate to the same results
Release Notes:
• Fixed a bug where 50% of the position would not be reserved and kept open for the final Take Profit hit with "Invert" enabled
Release Notes:
• Updated the ATR Tooltips
Release Notes:
• Fixed a bug where disabling a specific Trade type (such as disabling "Long Trades") would prevent the opposite trade (such as "Short Trades") from occurring
Release Notes:
• v1.3
• Takes a "Strategy Trigger" export plot and interprets it into a TradingView strategy viewable in the Strategy Tester pane complete with automated backtesting results
• Available Open Source in The Cafe for customized Alerts and any other purpose
Release Notes:
• v1.4
• Updated the plotshape logic to only print icons that are within the date range
• Optimized efficiency within the strategy printing logic (eliminated redundant boolean checks)

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