Williams Accumulation/Distribution (Williams AD)

Accumulation is a term used to describe a market controlled by buyers;
whereas distribution is defined by a market controlled by sellers.
Williams recommends trading this indicator based on divergences:

Distribution of the security is indicated when the security is making
a new high and the A/D indicator is failing to make a new high. Sell.

Accumulation of the security is indicated when the security is making
a new low and the A/D indicator is failing to make a new low. Buy.
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How does this differ from the original A/D Indicator? Thank you :)
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is your formula for this indicator based on larry william original formula ?
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This would have warned you of impending bitcoin crash recently. Made a higher high on the indicator and a lower high in price. Thanks for this indicator.
Hello, thanks for the formula, that does xPrice mean in this code?
Thanks for all the great indicators. Been looking everywhere for a effective volume indicator. The formula is a slight deviation from this formula. Any chance you could modify this formula to create the indicator? Also most effective if your able to seperate the large volume from the small volume by averaging out the volume. Wish i new script so i could do it myself but im hopless at it ahaha
HPotter alextymczuk
@alextymczuk, How it should work?
@HPotter, so this is the formula

((Closei−1 −Closei)+PI / (Highi −Lowi )+PI ) ×Volumei

where Closei−1=Closing price corresponding to time interval (i−1):
TIi−1Close i=Closing price corresponding to time interval i:
TI i Highi=Max (Highi, Closei−1) Lowi=Min (Lowi, Closei−1)
PI=Price interval (usually US $0.01)

Once calculated it then can be averaged out to create two distinct lines which sepearte large effective volume from small effective volume. When there is divergence between large volume and price it's an indication that big players are entering the market. It's used only on the one minute time frame.

HPotter alextymczuk
@alextymczuk, Ok, I will try to do it.
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