Cosmic Angle

This is a histogram that can display a moving average's angle and also show how volatile the change in angle is.

To use:

  • Add any moving average indicator to the chart
  • Click that indicator's More > Add Indicator on (MA)
  • Select the Cosmic Angle indicator
  • Adjust the Cosmic Angle's Price To Bar Ratio value to reflect that of your chart's
  • Adjust the Cosmic Angle's Threshold as per your liking (*1)

(*1) This setting affects the bar colors. It represents the minimum difference in degrees between the n and n-1 bars' angle to force a change of color.
Release Notes:

  • Implemented Guides Position setting
  • Updated example to use an extra "smoothing" moving average


If your base moving average uses a short timeframe, the Cosmic Angle will likely look jagged and hard to read. An easy way to fix this problem is to add an extra moving average in between to smooth out the final output. In this example, a WMA with a short length of 9 is added onto the original SMMA and is then set as the source for the Cosmic Angle, producing a more relevant chart.
Release Notes:
  • renamed get_degrees to get_slope
  • updated slope calculation
  • added bend plot

The bend shows when the slope itself is getting bigger or smaller. See the code for how to apply bend coloring to any moving average plot.
Release Notes:
Refactored the bend feature into a separate indicator called Cosmic Vector.
Release Notes:
upgraded to version 5

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