The blue boxes drawn in to indicate heiken ashi support / resistance candles
candle to break the support / resistance as well as the channel could indicate a trend continuation /& or reversal
Simple but effective !
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I am unable to view the blue boxes
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Thank you, Vdub you're genius ! This is a very cool code!

I just found if you apply this code into KDJ indicator ,it will be very interesting !

I call it "KDJ HMA Bands":
I switched "src" to "max(K,D)" and "src2" to "min(K,D)", and both length set to 180.

You can identify the "Key Price Reversal Point" in big wave by observing the "Bias" between price and "KDJ HMA Bands".
Such as "price up to new" high but "KDJ HMA Bands" goes down instead. It the sign of the end of the bullish wave.

Thanks again. You're the best!
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Rilakuma Rilakuma
@Rilakuma, ..."price up to new high"...
vdubus Rilakuma
@Rilakuma, Cool i run higher variables on mt4 setup i personally tend to stick to fib numbers 21,34,55,89 etc
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