TradersPost WebhookMessage Library - Automatically Build JSON

Library "WebhookMessage"
The webhook message library provides several functions for building JSON payloads
used as instructions to manage automated orders and positions with See:

For example, build a message that goes long 1 contract with a trailing stop of 0.75% sent to the broker:

import TradersPostInc/WebhookMessage/1 as wm
cnst =
msg =
ticker = syminfo.ticker,
action = cnst.ACTION_BUY,
sentiment = cnst.SENTIMENT_BULLISH,
quantity = 1,
stopLoss = = cnst.STOP_LOSS_TYPE_TRAILING_STOP, trailPercent = 0.75).buildStopLossJson()

Remember, that each use of a type needs to be translated into a JSON string using the build*Json() method. There are three types and three relevant build methods:
webhookMessage uses buildWebhookJson()
takeProfitMessage uses buildTakeProfitJson()
stopLossMessage uses buildStopLossJson()

Each time you instantiate a new message type, you'll need to chain the build method to it.

method buildWebhookJson(msg)
  Builds the final JSON payload from a webhookMessage type.
  Namespace types: webhookMessage
    msg (webhookMessage)
  Returns: <string> A JSON Payload.

method buildTakeProfitJson(msg)
  Builds the takeProfit JSON message to be used in a webhook message.
  Namespace types: takeProfitMessage
    msg (takeProfitMessage)
  Returns: <string> A JSON takeProfit payload.

method buildStopLossJson(msg)
  Builds the stopLoss JSON message to be used in a webhook message.
  Namespace types: stopLossMessage
    msg (stopLossMessage)
  Returns: <string> A JSON stopLoss payload.

  Constants for payload values.
    ACTION_BUY (series string)
    ACTION_SELL (series string)
    ACTION_EXIT (series string)
    ACTION_CANCEL (series string)
    ACTION_ADD (series string)
    SENTIMENT_BULLISH (series string)
    SENTIMENT_BEARISH (series string)
    SENTIMENT_LONG (series string)
    SENTIMENT_SHORT (series string)
    SENTIMENT_FLAT (series string)
    STOP_LOSS_TYPE_STOP (series string)
    STOP_LOSS_TYPE_STOP_LIMIT (series string)
    STOP_LOSS_TYPE_TRAILING_STOP (series string)

  Final webhook message. See:
    ticker (series string)
    action (series string)
    sentiment (series string)
    price (series float)
    quantity (series int)
    takeProfit (series string)
    stopLoss (series string)

  Take profit message. See:
    limitPrice (series float)
    percent (series float)
    amount (series float)

  Stop loss message. See:
    type (series string)
    percent (series float)
    amount (series float)
    stopPrice (series float)
    limitPrice (series float)
    trailPrice (series float)
    trailPercent (series float)

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