Heartbeat V2.1

-=Heartbeat=- V2 .1

This strategy is build around a custom developed indicator exclusively to backtest and fine tune the full version Script -=HeartBeat=- V2. 1
You are able to fine tune the script to all of your needs, so you can always have the signals you want.

This strategy tool is an absolutely "must have" to automate good results for the Script -=HeartBeat=- V2

HeartBeat is a non standard indicator, based on an algorithm that has been developed for over a year to handle the huge volatile aspects of the crypto currency markets.

- Filter for only longs or only shorts to enhance Backtest accuracy.
- Enhanced Pluto Compatibility
- Alerts
- Non-repaint
- Limited numbers available

How to start:
- Add strategy to chart
- Open settings
- Choose buy/sell level
- Choose lookbacksizes the double amount of your chart period as a starting point for your tuning
- If your chart period is smaller than 30 minutes then start tuning with buy level between 1.3 and 1.7

This is a non repaint script based on the latest "Pinescript version 3"

Heartbeat is not a registered or licensed analyst, broker or financial/investment advisor and, as such, the information conveyed through the services provided through this website should not be taken as financial advice. All information conveyed through the services provided on this website is for educational purposes only.

This trading view script, strategy and guide is strictly for individual use and for informational purposes only. In no way we are responsible for any damages or any losses you may incur. Despite the results above, this is not a financial or investment advice rather it is more of an educational tool to assist you in your own decision making. Please invest wisely and remember to always do your research!

We at Heartbeat implore you to do your own research beforehand and, whenever possible, to verify your research independently with a registered and licensed financial advisor.
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