This indicator will help you to show the way of the trend

When the candles are;

Green Candles - Up Trend

Yellow Candles - Trend may Change

Red Candles - Down Trend
Release Notes: Updated the bugs
Release Notes: To be more succesfull at trading
Use FxCanli Trend indicator with these;

- Fibonacci Retracement
- Fibonacci Extension
- Fibonacci Expansion
- Fibonacci Inversion
- Fibonacci Projection
- Support and Resistance Channels
- Support and Resistance Lines
Release Notes: Wish you many pips traders
Release Notes: Indicator paints the candles based on the current trend. Trend Indicator will help you during your decision making process. Uptrends are painted in green and downtrends in red. Sideways Trend after the Uptrend and Downtrend are painted yellow.

The most efficient working procedure with FxCanli Trend Indicator is, searching for breakouts at the Support & Resistance lines and breakouts at the Support & Resistance channel.
Release Notes: *ENGLISH*

In this new version, 5 new future added:

1) PRZ=Potential Reversal Zone
2) Alert Function for:
a) Up Trend Candle
b) Down Trend Candle
c) Enter PRZ
d) At PRZ
e) Exit PRZ
Release Notes: *ENGLISH*

In this new version 5 new future added:

1) Major Levels
2) Minor Levels
3) Exotic Levels
4) Buy Labels
5) Sell Labels

Son iki versiyonda 7 yeni özellik eklendi

1) PRZ=Potential Reversal Zone = Olası Dönüş Bölgeleri
2) Alarm Özellikleri
a) Yükselen Trend Mumu
b) Düşen Trend Mumu
c) PRZ uye girerken
d) PRZ de iken
e) PRZ den çıkarken
3) Major Seviyeler
4) Minor Seviyeler
5) Exotic Seviyeler
6) Buy(B) Labels = Alış Etiketleri
7) Sell(S) Labels = Satış Etiketleri


1) Never use BUY or SELL signals without any chart patterns. (Alış veya Satış sinyallerini asla formasyonsuz kullanmayın)
it can give good results with the candle color change when chart pattern triggered
(Formasyon gerçekleştiğinde, mum rengi değişimi takip edilmeli)

Ex 1) Wedge Pattern (Takoz Formasyonu) - BTCUSDT

Ex 2) Flag Pattern (Bayrak Formasyonu) - ETCUSDT

Ex 3) Head and Shoulders Pattern ( Omuz Baş Omuz Formasyonu) - DAX

Ex 4) Triangle Pattern ( Üçgen Formasyonu) - APPLE
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