AllTradeSignals Know Sure Thing with Flexible MAs

Hello, fellow traders! This indicator is my own take on Martin Pring's summed-rate-of-change momentum oscillator commonly called Know Sure Thing .

KST can be used like RSI or other momentum indicators. In general, potential trade entries are signalled when the KST line crosses over the signal line. However, you may find that more conservative entry points can be found crossing the zero line or elsewhere. This version will supply a "Buy!" alert when the KST line crosses over the signal line. You can shut this off if you would prefer to avoid it.

The KST calculation itself remains the same, but with this version you can select from ten different types of moving average for both the KST and signal line.

You can also mute any crossover (buy/long) alerts that happen above a certain level. This is a fantastic way to filter out crossovers that happen during sideways channels or when using on shorter chart periods.

How to Use This Indicator

Step 1: Add it to your chart, open the settings

Step 2: Choose the type of moving average for the KST Line and Signal Line, as well as the # of periods for the Signal Line MA.

Step 3: Choose whether or not to include the buy alerts and at what level you should be alerted. If you want to use a generic setting, set the crossover point to zero.

Step 4: If you wish to, set up TradingView alerts on the green Buy! signal, line crossings, etc.

That's it! Any questions, please ask below and I'll answer.

Happy trading!

Example Buys Using This Indicator

TLSA - 4 Hour Chart

JO1! Futures - 1 Day Chart

TATAMOTOR - 4 Hour Chart

ACB - 15 Minute Chart

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