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This indicator serves as the Tradingview equivalent of an MT4 indicator suite.

It differentiates from existing TV indicators in its style and total feature set (most notably PVSRA and PVSRA Override)
It was originally designed for forex markets, and it will work for crypto as well, but it has not been tested on stocks.

List of features:
PVSRA Candles
Market boxes (NY/JP/ HK /UK/ FR and Brinks Boxes)
5/13/50/200/800 EMAs (cloud for 50EMA)
Pivot points (S/M/R 1,2,3; PP )
Yesterday and Last Week price range
Average Daily Range (Weekly and Monthly as well)
Daily Open
PVSRA Override
Psychological High/Low
Vector Candle Zones

All of these are configurable in the indicator settings.

Usage instructions:

PVSRA Candle colors meaning:
Green (bull) and red (bear): Candles with volume >= 200% of the average volume of the 10 previous chart candles, and candles where the product of candle spread x candle volume is >= the highest for the 10 previous chart time candles.
Blue (bull) and blue-violet (bear): Candles with volume >= 150% of the average volume of the 10 previous chart candles

PVSRA Override
In order to get reliable bar coloring, we need accurate data. If you're on a chart with low volume on some obscure exchange, you may want to use another exchanges datafeed for the symbol you are on to calculate the PVSRA bar colors with. This lets you do exactly that. By default it's off, but you can turn it on and use INDEX:BTCUSD, or really any other chart you want. You can combine charts too, e.g. use BINANCE:BTCUSDT+COINBASE:BTCUSD.

PVSRA Alerts
Alerts can be made for PVSRA "vector"/"climax" candles:
1. Create Alert (Clock with + sign)
2. Set Condition: "Traders Reality",
3. Select "Alert on Vector Candle",
4. Set it to Once per Bar,
5. choose your notification options.

Market boxes
The market boxes times are configurable and will change depending on the exchange timezone. I recommend to pick your main exchange/chart and adjust the times so that they are correct. Technically you will need to shift the time from the exchanges' timezone to GMT . Default values should be good for UTC based exchanges in current US+UK summer time.

Psychological High/Low
Configurable for Crypto or Forex - draws the perceived Psychological High/Low ranges for the week. Can display historical values too.

Vector Candle Zones
displays unrecovered liquidity left behind on unrecovered vectors. Configurable to take into account candle bodies or candles and wicks.

Recommended additional Tradingview indicator(s):
- TDI - Goldminds, Edited for Market Makers Method by Jakub Donovan

The code was originally by plasmapug, continued development (with permission) is now done by infernix and peshocore and xtech5192 in collaboration with TradersReality.

If you have suggestions or questions, you can message me or leave a comment.
Release Notes:
Added psy type autodetect with manual override if needed (eg on Oanda:BTCUSD)
some optimizations on the calls to PVSRA and ADR - getting all values with a single security call

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