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Ultimate EMA Cross Strategy. Easy and profitable strategy optimized for Crypto.

This script will signal Long and Exit signals on different timeframes based on different indicators using HA candles

The script is optimized to catch trend movements as soon as possible and maximize profitability.

Check the Strategy tester results. 92% Profitable on BTC Daily scale...

If you want access send me a PM on Tradingview or a DM in twitter @CryptoNTez.

Best regards and happy trading.
Release Notes: Added Safe_Mode as optional parameter. You can enable this to prevent some riskier trades to happen at the cost of some profitability. Use it if you are more conservative in trading =)
Release Notes: UPDATE!

  • Added signals for Buy and Sell. Now you can receive alerts on any Asset on your email or phone so you dont miss any trade!!!

  • Added Arrows (Optional setting). If activated it will display green arrows to track Buys, Red arrows for Sells and Yellow arrows for market indecision on the trend.

Since many asked, the script DOES NOT RE PAINT! Once the candle is closed, the signal on it stays forever.

Happy trading!
Release Notes: UPDATE!!

  • Added SAFE MODE Contingency %. Now you can edit how much safe you want to be and signals will change based on that!

  • Bollinger Bands Breakout alert (OPTIONAL). Now you can get a signal when Bollinger bands are being pushed by the price up or down!!

  • Squeeze Alerts!! (OPTIONAL). Now you can get a signal when a Squeeze is beginning and a signal when release occurs UP or DOWN!!!

  • Added Optional features to add or remove indicators from the chart and get everything more clear!
Release Notes: Quick Update but not minor!

Added new indicators to reduce the false signals!. Now if you see a signal is much more probable to be a good one!

Happy trading!
Release Notes: uploading again.
Release Notes: and again fml
Release Notes: Quick update of some internal parameters to avoid some fake signals :)
Release Notes: UPDATE!

  • Added a Potential bottoms Signal (OPTIONAL) that will plot potential bottoms in previous candles.
  • Added Ichimoku cloud, lines and cross signals. All of them are optional and can be activated from the settings.
  • Overall smoothing of the signals. Less signals with equal or more profitability =)

Happy trading!
Release Notes: UPDATE!

Double signals were removed. Meaning a buy cannot appear after a buy OR a sell after a sell.

This will help on any trading automation in the future or signal alerts :)

Happy trading
Release Notes: Fixed an issue with how the script was displayed.
Release Notes: Alerts update
Release Notes: Fix some alerts issues.
Release Notes: Update!

  • SAFEGUARD Mode now enabled. You will be able to activate this feature in order to see Buy signals only when a different timeframe has a buy signal aswell. (i.e 1hr must be a Buy in order for you in a 2hr chart see a buy on that candle)
Release Notes: quick fix.
Release Notes: UPGRADE:
  • Avoid Buy/Sell Signals on Squeeze ON feature now is available.
  • Squeeze alerts tuning to make it switch on/off faster.
  • New Alert Condition for when a green arrow turns yellow.
Release Notes: Updated Squeeze Alerts (now should be more flexible)
Release Notes: UPDATE
  • Early Buy/Sell signals added.
Release Notes: Fix some random issues
Release Notes: UPDATE

  • Removed some unnecessary sell signals in the middle of trends. This will allow to ride the trends in a better (non stopped) way.
  • Improved early buy and early sell signals. (Now they are going to be displayed when the trend is starting or ending not in any other candle.
  • Added Red to Yellow arrow alert. Now you can get an alert when a short trend is ending.
Release Notes: UPDATE
  • Added Show Pivot options for regular or Fibonacci pivots.
  • Removed additional Sell signals in the middle of the trends.

Happy trading!
Release Notes: UPDATE 29/10

  • Accuracy improved in many signals (some wont even appear now if the trade is not good enough)
  • Added Early buy Alert so you can receive email/sms on this type of signals
Release Notes: Update
Release Notes: UPDATE v1.5

  • Merged Ichimoku indicators into one setting.
  • Improved Buy Entries in many cases. Check my twitter for pictures, now calls in many trades should be much more quicker!
  • Added Auto Fibonacci tool inside the script. Now you will be able to plot Fibonacci levels with click.
  • Signals improvements overall for sell and buy signals.
Release Notes: Quick fix
Release Notes: fix
Release Notes: Fixed Signals
Release Notes: Update version title
Release Notes: Updated. Turning down some noise in the charts :)
Release Notes: Fixed some visual errors
Release Notes: Updated
Release Notes: Name updated!
Release Notes: UPDATES v1.55
  • SAFEMODE is back. Now you can enable this option to avoid riskier trades.
  • Doji candle detection. Script will exit of a position if some criteria is met plus a doji candle is found.
  • Fixes in the algo to avoid some exits prior the trend was completed.
Release Notes: QuickFix
Release Notes: UPDATE v1.56
  • Added some accuracy enhancements for signals
  • Fixed Auto Fibonacci retracements colors
  • NEW FEATURES: Take profit signals at (2.5% - 5% - 10%)

Happy Trading.
Release Notes: UPDATE 11/28/18
  • Early Buys ON/OFF button added.
  • Early Buys small improvements on when to be displayed.
  • Take Profits Customizable Targets Added.
  • Take Profits alerts added.
  • Ichimoku cloud format improved (now is less noisy)
  • Auto Fibonacci Tool fix around 1st level retracement not being displayed.
  • Alert added for Buy-Sell (both in one alert) to improve the amount of coins you can track with your TV account.
Release Notes: Added custom alerts for the bot.
Release Notes: UPDATE 12/3/18
  • Settings Menu reworked (it was really hard to find something with so many options and many more that are coming)
  • Ichimoku settings now customizables.
  • Auto Fib labels changed to make them shorter.
  • Stop Loss setting added (Auto Stop Loss o Customizable stop loss)
  • Resistances and support now are an optional feature. They are being calculated by the TD Sequential Strategy.

Happy Trading!
Release Notes: added BOT alerts
Release Notes: Update v1.63.

Algo Improvements.
Release Notes: Fixed Safeguard.
Release Notes: fix minor error.
Release Notes: Fixed.
Release Notes: updated
Release Notes: Update, 1.65 Minor fixes
Release Notes: fix
Release Notes: Quick Fix. Display error on signals.
Release Notes: UPDATE v1.66
  • Added Fibonacci timeframe. Now you can select from which timeframe fib will be plotted in any chart.
  • TD resistances now plotted from regular candles, increasing its accuracy.
  • Small fixes around Buy & Sell signals.
Release Notes: Update 1.67
  • New Feature: "Only show signals when". Current version supports EMA settings. Next version will have RSI, stoch, etc and will let you configure when to display signals/alerts.
  • Fixed issue around Doji Candles patterns.
Release Notes: quick fix
Release Notes: 1.68
  • Added RSI Customizable Value to filter buy settings once a RSI is under or above a criteria.
  • Added EMA Customizable Value to filter buy settings once a EMA is under or above a candle price.
Release Notes: update
Release Notes:
  • Customizable options to filter down Sell signals with RSI or EMA Values
Release Notes: Updated.
Release Notes: Quick fix. 1.71
Release Notes: UCTS 1.8 Live

In this version we focus on increase the trend recognition patterns in order to avoid sell signals when they were not needed.
This increases overall profitability of the script in most charts, making it easier to use with default settings and even better if you tweak some settings on some timeframes.

Safeguard was also improved with this changes, so now its even better than before. :)

We also added an EMA Cross setting. (Lot of people asked for this one)
Now you will be able to add a customizable EMA Cross for buys and another for sell signals. And the posibility of overwrite current script criteria in order to exit or enter a trade
only when this condition happens.

There is still a lot of work to do, and I will keep working on the UCTS for a long time!.
If you have feedback or suggestions about this new version, please let me know in our discord channels.

Thank you and Happy Trading.
Release Notes: updated
Release Notes: Update 1.82

  • Mostly algo changes, Improving signals overall. For stats go to the Backtesting version of this script. Working really good! =)
Release Notes: Title update.
Release Notes: Update v1.83 released.

New improvements in the algorithm, now some signals are avoided if confirmation is not enough.
Script menu revamped.
Release Notes: Update 1.84
  • Added Safeguard on close candle signals.
  • Added Safeguard to match criteria from advanced settings (optional)
  • All settings are now disable by default
  • Ichimoku cloud filters (avoid buy signals below cloud or sell signals above it)
  • Added new Candle pattern detection.
  • Some small tweaks in formats around alerts and signals.
Release Notes: Updated
Release Notes: Update
Release Notes: Update 1.85

Improvements in the algorithm.
Release Notes: Updated
Release Notes: Update v1.86

  • Improvements in the Algorithm
Release Notes: Update 1.87

  • Added RSI Divergences signals.
  • Menu rework. Trying to make it easier to understand
  • Fixes around candle patterns.
Release Notes: Update v1.88

֎ Settings menu reworked
֎ "Safeguard" Auto settings now available.
֎ Added optional "Take profit" calculation on backtesting version
֎ RSI Divergences reworked and improved for different timeframes.
֎ Added RSI configurable Alerts
֎ Added HH HL LH LL signals (Optional)
֎ Added Pivot Points (High/Low)
֎ Added Pivot Points trendlines (better visualization for S/R)
֎ Algorithm Improvements around patterns.
֎ Signals visualization improved (look more "alive")

Happy Trading
Release Notes: Version 1.89 is live

  • RSI / SOTCH/ volume/ Fisher/ CCI /Accumlation-distribution Divergences added/
  • Algorithm improvements.
Release Notes: update
Release Notes: Updated
Release Notes: V1.9

  • Ichi settings back into the menu
  • Stop loss added for backtesting
  • Bearish & Bullish Divergences can be triggered in 1 alert now.
  • Fixed "Squeeze Alerts" (Low volatility)
Release Notes: Update 1.91
Release Notes: Updated 1.92

Algorithm changes to improve significantly Buy/Sell signals accuracy
Release Notes: quick fix
Release Notes: quick fix
Release Notes: Update V1.93

  • Algorithm Improved (Buy/Sell signals will show up earlier)
  • Menu reworked
  • Fixed an error around TP signals (typing a 0 make TP to mismatch)
Release Notes: Quick Fix
Release Notes: Fixed some issues after update.
Release Notes: Updated 1.95

Algo Fixes
Ichi Trend Lines are back
Release Notes: update v1.96

  • Algorithm improvements (removed some signals on trending circunstanses that will cause chops)
  • Stop loss feature improved, now it will work on a dinamic way updating stop loss to HL LH pivots at Sell signals trends and LL LH pivots at Buy signals trends
  • Improved candle pattern detection for specific cases.
Release Notes: Quick Fix
Release Notes: Fixed an error around Safeguard feature that was turning alerts on random spots of time!
Release Notes: Update V1.97

Algorithm improvements to reduce noise on different setups.

Release Notes: V1.98 Fix on some signals at lower timeframes
Release Notes: V1.99. Quick fixes to some signals.
Release Notes: quick fix.
Release Notes: Updated to V2
Release Notes: Quick Fix
Release Notes: Quick Fix. V2.01
Release Notes: Update v2.02

Added EMA optional filters (Now you can select if a buy/sell signal should appear above below a specific moving average)

Algorithm improvements for Buy/Sell Signals
Release Notes: quick fix on SL settings
Release Notes: Updated v2.03
Release Notes: Update to v2.04

Several algorithm improvements.
Release Notes: Quick Fix.
Release Notes: Added OBV Divergence option
Release Notes: update v2.05
Release Notes: Updated to V2.06
Release Notes: quick fix
Release Notes: updated name into UCTS
Release Notes: Publishing UCTS 2.07 version
  • Some improvements around Signals (Some noise was removed, other signals were improved)
  • Added a feature to avoid signals on Support/resistances interactions that the indicator generates. (This is beta and Feedback is very welcome!)
  • Also cleaned some colors around Ichi cloud that is was too loud for the charts.
Release Notes: update to 2.08
Release Notes: Updated to 2.09

Algorithm improvements.
Added Early Sell signal alert that was missing.
Release Notes: Quick fix 2.09
Release Notes: Update to v2.10
Release Notes: Update to v2.11

  • Added TD9 alerts on selected timeframe or Daily
  • Algo improvements around Sell Signals
Release Notes: Updated to V2.12.
Mostly Algo improvements.
We are attacking heavy on Sell signals on making them better (quicker). Changes will be smoothly introduced version by version.
Release Notes: quick fix
Release Notes: Update to v2.13
Release Notes: Quick fix
Release Notes: .
Release Notes: Updated to V2.14
Release Notes: Updated to 2.15
Release Notes: Quick Fix 2.15
Release Notes: Update to v2.16
Several fixes and improvements around the Algo.
Release Notes: Quick Fix
Release Notes: Updated to v2.17

Mostly Algo improvements (lot of wrong/riskier trades were removed with the inclusion of new filters to our signals)
Release Notes: Quick fix.
Release Notes: Updated to v2.18
Release Notes: Quick Fix.
Release Notes: Updated to v2.19

Signals improvements =)
Release Notes: updated to 19.1
Release Notes: updated to v2.19.2
Release Notes: Updated to 2.19.3
Release Notes: update to 2.19.4
Release Notes: Update to 2.19.5
Release Notes: Quick Fix
Release Notes: UCTS was upgraded to Pine v4 and the algorithm for signals during low volatility periods underwent a number of improvements.

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