SpaceTime Profile Advanced

SpaceTime Profile Advanced is different to the non overlay with a different codebase.

The main advantages are the 1:1 price mappings that occur on this data generation as well as the auto mapping POC line!
The implementation is heavily different and therefore they both provide different uses
Overlay is better for current chart data being mapped up to 10 days minimum in most cases
As well as POC lines and soon High value areas

Naked POC
High value areas
Auto Tick Size
Better colouring
Release Notes: Auto Tick Size Generator, will allow for the tick size to be determined programmatically preventing the need to change it per chart/coin.

Publishing a fix to allow the code to work with stocks/ESM2021 as requested by a user.
Release Notes: Updated default color so it is visible on dark or light screens with a in between shade, still customizable of course!
Release Notes: HUGE UPDATE
You can now choose the timeframe in which the market profile is generated: 4H, Daily, Weekly and Monthly profiles!

*Bug fix, lettering will no longer crash when overloading, fixed with place holder chacter may try implement a different lettering solution soon.

Thank you guys keep smashing your trades everyone!
Release Notes: Showing monthly market profile on BTC
Release Notes: Just updated the line thickness for POC im kinda blind, will make this customizable soon!, and updating the access instructions as my ETH address is changing soon.
Release Notes: Realised I hadn't included the labelling for the market profile in the screengrab.
Release Notes: Naked POC + Minimal / Mobile Mode

Here you can see the new naked POC implementation.
Showing the interaction Points / First tests of these naked POC's that led to bounces on ETH highlighted in green.
As well as the Market Profile displayed in the new minimal / mobile friendly mode!
Release Notes: Updated Default to Daily Market Profile as thats what most of my users use
Release Notes: Devoping PoC's Now added! As well as ability to hide prices.

Here you can see the new chart without prices included. As well as the dotted line which is the developing PoC, acts as good confluence for the trend direction and Dynamic S/R flips!

Release Notes:
Added Value Area colouring, VAL and VAH lines.
Ability to disable the Value Area as a toggle!
As well as disable Historical VAL and VAH lines, if you do not need them for your trading style.

Optimization issues exist with VA calculation, will make a very big optimization patch soon hopefully! If you have chart timed out, click the eye to disable and again to re-enable fixes the issue usually, else try disable the VA till the patch comes out soon!
Furthermore working on a new drawing function soon to make the chart much cleaner to use whilst retaining most information!
Release Notes: Increase maximum lookback for VaL, VaH and POCs. No longer necessary to hide old historical VA for more PoC's
Release Notes: Removed some unecessary code
Release Notes: Optimizations + Single Prints!
Big optimization update!
Plus as seen above single print highlighting!
Release Notes: Big UI Change!

You can see the difference is night and day,
there are some data limitations with the above way!
But as always ive already got a solution in the works <3
Release Notes:
Naked PoC Color Highlighting + Open/Close indicators

Can be toggled off, customized! All the best!
Release Notes: MAX DATA + Single Print Shading!

In this update Ive provided the maximum possible data for Tradingview to work with!

You can use all data to get every detail, MP data for just the structure, or my personal favourite Levels only which gives up to 6 months worth of NPOC/VAL/VAH AND SP data!

Hope this helps with your trading!
Below you will see a composite of the profile create from the range made in the dump to 30k, May 19th onwards,
Shows a clear range with easy deviation range plays!
All the best more updates soon!
Release Notes: Fixed a coloring issue on tapped PoC's
Release Notes: Added preset color themes for users to quickly choose from with credit to the creator! And updated the default colors to match the user who won the vote!

Fix, NPOCs disabled will show just the value of POC without glitch and cleans the chart up

As you can see from the image above single print areas are now naked, and can be used as targets for price to fill these inefficiencies.
By the way this is programmed, you can see very easily how often the market tends to fill these areas.
Release Notes: High RES mode is here! + Customizer

Finally releasing high resolution mode, enables lettering on illustration mode, providing a neater UI.
Better realtime open close indicator (default on can be disabled in the future)
POC VA line thickness chooser!
Release Notes: Poor Highs and Lows! + Excess

Providing an update! Offering a solution to include poor highs and lows in your Market Profile Chart
as well as Excess highlighting and differentiating from single prints!
Invite-only script

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TradingView does not suggest paying for a script and using it until you 100% trust its author and understand how the script works. In many cases you can find a good open-source alternative for free in our Public Library.

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Lifetime: $1000 Yearly: $575 6 Months: $290 Monthly: $50
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@BaneXBT, literally untrue as proven by everyone but the simple minded.
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AMAZING work spaceman, been waiting a long time for something like this!
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