Elite Algo v25

EliteAlgo Premium Updated   

Elite Algo Indicator includes standard Buy and Sell signals on the chart, Support & Resistance lines, Auto-Trendlines, Auto-Consolidation zones, market time frame dashboard, and many other features.
(All these signals can be set up as Live Alerts directly in Tradingview)

Elite Premium works in any market & includes many features:

Normal Mode Signals: Buy, Sell, Smart Buy, & Smart Sell to help traders confirm trends (Do not trade these blindly).
Confirmation Mode Signals: Buy, Sell, Smart Buy, & Smart Sell that are only given when the market is in a strong trend. (Do not trade these blindly)
Signal Optimization Methods: Sensitivity, optimal sensitivity parameter displayed on dashboard, and Autopilot (dynamic setting).
Signal Filters: Filters can be used to hide signals during areas of low volume or "choppy" markets.
Take Profit Labels: "TP" marks that apply for both normal mode signals and confirmation mode signals can be used to suggest potential take-profit areas.
Candle Colors: Green/Red candle color to match the latest signal that can help you avoid emotional trading. Also, looks nice. (Cosmetic only)
Momentum Candles: Gray/Green/Red to help you visualize trends developing between 'normal' & 'strong'.
7+ Other Indicator Overlays that helps traders visualize trends, find reversal points, and get dynamic areas of support & resistance .
A complete dashboard that shows you the current trend on all popular timeframes with other important information regarding the chart you are looking at.
Customizable Take profit suggestions as well as stop loss suggestion for all signals given in any mode + more features.
Do not take just use 1 feature and trade blindly.

Basic Signals Demonstration
In the image below we can see a basic example of how the signals function within Elite Algo.

As explained earlier, signals can generate normal buy/sell signal labels, as well as "Smart" buy/sell labels. these signals can be used to help spot trend changes.

Normal buy/sell signals often occur with smaller trends, retracements within larger trends, or just as signals a user may not want to trust as much directly. In order to enhance your ability to trust signals more & find more actionable use cases out of elite algo, we recommend going to the settings menu of the indicator & activating some indicator overlays. These are covered in the next section.

Indicator Overlays w/ Signals

In the image below we have enabled the "trend cloud" & "auto support and resistance" indicator overlays from within the settings of elite algo. By using these overlays alongside the signals , users can find more confluence to create trading strategies or plans.

The trend cloud provides an excellent view of the long term trend on the current time frame you are on. and the auto support/resistance feature can help traders identify key levels on the charts where a reversal or retracement may occur.

The auto support and resistance feature can be useful to identify the key levels, such as Entry, Take Profit, and Stop Loss. However, during strong trends price may continue rising or falling through these levels.

In the next image below, we have activated the consolidation zones feature in elite algo. this feature tries its best to show you areas of consolidation. Avoiding signals given in these areas can aid with your technical analysis .

Final Notes:

Created by Elite Signals, this is a comprehensive toolkit fully made from the ground-up to provide an all-in-one solution for traders.
Elite Algo Premium can be used alongside other forms of technical analysis , however, it was also designed to be used as a stand-alone indicator that can fit any trading style to aid the average trader.

The best practice when using EliteAlgo is to combine 2-5, features into a strategy that best suits your trading style. Always make sure to use proper risk management.
EliteAlgo will load and work on any market & time frame, and is exclusive to Tradingview only.

The success of an individual trader goes far beyond than the indicator they are using. We believe that the tools you use, in combination with the skill and experience you have will determine your success.
Our goal is to create an indicator that can be useful to a multitude of traders, with customization, and compatible with independent strategies that experienced traders use.

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Release Notes:
New update for Elite Algo! now v21 please watch the video attached to this to explain the update!

Release Notes:
minor update for take profit labels
Release Notes:
Update to Elite Algo!

New features being added for Elite Algo.

1. Volume profile levels ( better identify strong vs weak support and resistance levels! )

2. Updated dashboard look and feel!

Also turned on consolidation filter and high volume filter on by default

We will be making a video soon explaining the new updates

If you have any questions msg one of the admins in the discord server. DO NOT MSG ON HERE
Release Notes:
minor fix for trend only signals
Release Notes:
minor update.
Release Notes:
Introducing EliteAlgo update!

- Improved signal accuracy on Japanese style candles (accuracy on heiken ashi style candles is unchanged).

- Optimal sensitivity recommendation on Elite Algo dashboard.

- Auto sensitivity feature in Algo settings with 3 available presets ( short-term for scalpers, mid-term for intraday trading, long-term for swing trading) this is automatically use the optimal sensitivity for the preset you select for any chart.

- High Volume signals filter is turned on by default now ( will void out signals given in low volume markets )

video coming soon to further explain the new features!

any questions please dm a admin in the discord server. do not msg us on tradingview.
Release Notes:
Heres a video explaining the new updates !

Release Notes:
new update !! improving features such as

support and resistance
consolidation zones
order blocks

and more !
Release Notes:
please watch this video to see the feature changes youtu.be/FcXMS0P6FmA
Release Notes:
minor update

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