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Sequential+ is a lightweight implementation of the similarly named trading system that has been popularized by Tom DeMark.

In contrast to most other Sequential indicators, this one has been specifically designed to be a complementary indicator. Therefore it contains only a key component: The creation of a setup — in particular the last (ninth) candle of it. So if you intent to use Sequential as a complete trading system, a more sophisticated implementation would be better suited for that purpose.

Also this indicator shows more setups/9s than the original indicator because it doesn't require a „price flip“ in order to start a setup. This is a feature that has been introduced by Tone Vays. So far in my experience these additional setups have the same success rate as regular setups.


  • shows a 9 above the last candle of a setup
  • shows the setup number of the current candle
  • shows the setup direction of the current candle (optional)
  • shows the setup number above all setup candles (optional)
  • shows a textual cue above a 9 candle (optional)
  • customizable colors

Basic idea

Once a buy or sell setup is complete with a 9 above a candle, there is a good chance of a correction through price or time. Usually the correction lasts only between 1 to 4 candles. However, sometimes it's also the beginning of a more significant correction or even a trend reversal.


As this indicator is designed to be complementary, it's intended to be used for e.g. taking profit or as an additional confirmation for entering a trade.

How it works

This indicator can create two types of setups:

A „Sell Setup“ is an upswing consisting of nine consecutive candles. There is exactly one requirement of a candle to be part of a sell setup: It's close must be higher than the close four candles earlier.

A „Buy Setup“ is a downswing consisting of nine consecutive candles. There is exactly one requirement of a candle to be part of a buy setup: It's close must be lower than the close four candles earlier.

Note that the descriptions of the two types of setups are the same apart from the bold words.

After a setup phase has been initiated with the first candle, it will be canceled if any of the subsequent eight candles doesn't meet the corresponding requirement. Once a setup is complete with nine candles, a new setup can be started.

Meaning of the arrows and triangles

A triangle below the current candle shows the direction of the current setup
An arrow above a „9 candle“ shows the direction of the potential upcoming correction (which is always the opposite direction of the setup).

For example: Below a „Red 3“ a down triangle would be shown, as the candle is part of an (incomplete) buy setup which is a downswing. However, above the last (ninth) candle of such a setup, an up arrow would be shown, indicating a potential upcoming correction to the upside.



Show full setup
If checked, numbers are shown above all setup candles. This also includes numbers from incomplete setups. If not checked, only the setup number of the current candle is shown.

Show textual cue above a 9
If checked, a textual cue („Potential Correction“) is shown above a 9.

Show setup direction below current candle
If checked, shows an up triangle if the current candle is part of a green/sell setup or a down triangle if it's part of a red/buy setup. Note that no triangle is shown on the last setup candle (9).


You can adjust the colors of the first eight setup numbers:
  • Color 0 defines the color of a sell setup (upswing)
  • Color 1 defines the color of a buy setup (downswing)
You can also adjust the color and icon (default: arrow) that is shown above the last setup candle.

Unfortunately due to (current) limitations of TV it's not possible to change the colors of the nines or the triangles.

The „Labels“ checkbox controls the appearance of the textual cues above 9s and the triangles. However, never untick this checkbox as you can achieve the same with the two corresponding checkboxes in the „Input“ section in much better way.
Release Notes:
Added new feature „Quasi 9“

A „Quasi 9“ is a candle that previously has been a 9 (last candle of a setup). Although a „Quasi 9“ doesn't meet the requirement of a setup candle (anymore) it usually is a good signal anyway. I really like this feature which I adopted from the Time Indicator.

A „Quasi 9“ is visually represented like a regular 9 but shows „Q-9“ instead of „9“ above the arrow. However, note that technically a „Quasi 9“ is not the last candle of a setup but rather (most of the time) initiates a new setup or in (very rare cases) isn't part of any setup. Therefore a „Quasi 9“ is often followed by a „2“.

There is also a new setting with which you can enable or disable this new feature (enabled by default).

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