K.M Trend Strategy (BETA 1.2)

My beautiful traders, how is everyone doing? This indicator I built detects trends, I haven't seen any repaints, I only had 3 minor ones. It is still on BETA version.

To all new traders, and busy traders I will be posting one that you can set alerts. Please look under my profile or type "K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2)" .

I ask for everyone to try this script out, please provide any feedback under in the comments below. Any feedback will be amazing! Thank you to everyone, and


Kevin Manrrique

Follow us on Instagram: TWTForexGroup, we have amazing content and also sell signals!
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strategy("K.M Trend Strategy (BETA 1.2)")
    //// This script is built by Kevin Manrrique, if you have any information or questions ////
    //// about this script and how it works please message me. K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2) is a //// 
    //// testing indicator. If your intrested in recieving signals please follow us on; Instagram: TWTForexGroup ////
    //// We build, rebuild, repair, and test if intrested inbox me /////
    //// Appreciate what you have around you, not everyone lives like us ////
    //// Sincerely, ////
    //// Kevin Manrrique //// 

    //// Main ////
tim="2440", minval=1
tim2="1440", minval2=1

    //// Lines ////
line1 = security(tickerid, tim, close[1])
line2 = security(tickerid, tim2, close[0.99])
line3 = line2 - line1

    //// Plot ////
plot(line3, style=columns, color=orange, linewidth=3, title="P")

    //// Additions ////
plot(baseline, style=line, color=black, title="B")

    //// Signals ////
longcondition = cross(line3, baseline)
if (longcondition)
    strategy.entry("Buy",  strategy.long)

shortcondition = crossunder(line3, baseline)
if (shortcondition)
    strategy.entry("Sell", strategy.short)