Scalp Zones [SI]

The Scalp Zones indicator provides traders with visual ranges or "zones" on their charts, which can be used to quickly identify potential entry points for their trades in real time. Once price action enters the designated zone, trade signals and alerts will be generated, making it easier for both scalpers and swing traders to identify promising trading opportunities with greater confidence.

Although Scalp Zones is relatively easy to use, its simplicity is the end result of some interesting and rather complex analysis of price action and market structure.


Price Action vs Market Structure
For our purposes, “price action” refers to the movement of a security's price over time, whereas “market structure”, which is built upon price action, includes trends and support/resistance levels, breakouts, reversals of trend, etc. All of which can help traders identify potential entry and exit points for their trades.

Scalp Zone
A “Scalp Zone” is an area just above resistance or just below support that is deemed to be part of a trend that is exhausted or part of a “whipsaw” in the price action.


Can be combined with other indicators
Scalp Zones displays color-coded rectangles or "zones" that indicate areas of potential volatility, trend reversals and consolidation in price action. These zones can be used in conjunction with other indicators to more effectively identify trade opportunities.

Can also serve as an exit signal
Since Scalp Zones identifies areas where market participants are likely to enter or exit positions, they can offer some traders a way to spot good exits for their trades. For instance, if the price fails to surpass a significant resistance level (identified by a “scalp Zone”) and begins to decline, this may serve as a sell signal for traders who intend to lock in profits on a potential trend reversal.

Automatically adjusts to market conditions
Scalp Zones uses Average True Range (ATR) to dynamically adjust the size of the color-coded zones based on the current market conditions. By factoring in the ATR, the tool can produce zones that reflect the volatility of the market and adjust to changing levels of price movement.


The Scalp Zones indicator is designed to provide traders with signals for potential entry points in the market, but it should not be used as the sole basis for making trading decisions. As with any trading indicator, it is important to acknowledge and understand that past performance does not guarantee future outcomes and that several other variables contribute to achieving success as a trader, especially proper risk management.

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