Ninja Heiken Ashi Flip on PSAR

This indicator demonstrates Heiken Ashi Candles (HA) and PSAR settings that have flipped in sequence.

It will show a BUY/SELL signal for the First Flat Bottom/Top HK candle that has flipped on the PSAR.

It will show a BUY 20 Alert for the First Flat BOTTOM HA Candle that has flipped on the PSAR + When the stochastic is AT or BELOW the 20 marker.

It will show a SELL 80 Alert for the First Flat TOP HA Candle that has flipped on the PSAR + When the stochastic is AT or ABOVE the 80 marker.

It is designed to provide a visual demonstration that selected indicators have met certain criteria and is NOT meant to be a trading system or offer trading advice. The indicator offers alert possibilities when the above criteria are met.

Release Notes: Bollinger Bands have bee added as an overlay. The Buy20 and SELL/80 alerts have been replaced with Buy/Sell alerts and signals .
Release Notes: Bollinger added and now reflects one set of Buy and Sell indicators.
Release Notes: Additional Bollinger Bands added for additional StdVar setings.
Release Notes: This version has indicators added for candle colour changes for potential exit points. Dots above and below the candles indicate a candle colour change.
Release Notes: This is an updated version of the script to incluse MACD Oscillator crossovers and a Moving Average trend change indications using colour changes on the Bollinger Bands
Release Notes: v.2.0 Added alertcondition for Trend Changes
Release Notes: Added filters for stochastic for trend support.
Release Notes: Alert status changed.
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