ProfitView Open Close Cross

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OCC Indicator for Margin Trading
Release Notes: Added custom alert/trigger conditions
Release Notes: Refactored the script, tweaked defaults & added trailing adaptive stoploss
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.0

  • fixed stoploss
  • renamed indicator

Trial access can be requested here on TV or via E-Mail / Discord:

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Release Notes:
  • smoother trailing
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.1

  • Added filter against firing of multiple signals of the same type
  • Added options to filter signals by MA spread (can be used as "repaint" remedy!)
  • Added option to force delay of calculation when realtime (anti "repaint")

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Release Notes: Added multiple stronger (optional) realtime calculation delays for further "Repaint" workarounds
Release Notes: Fixed autoscale issue (disabled debug spread % lines)
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.3

  • Tweaked defaults for XBTUSD 1hr - please experiment with different multiplier and period settings depending on which asset you are trading! Also start tweaking with both "Min Spread %" settings set to 0 and then slowly setting them higher until too many signals disappear then lower it slighty, set the realtime one higher than the non realtime setting if you want & try the different realtime delay options to combat "Repainting" issues!
  • Added option to always use the delay workaround, not only on realtime (so you can study it's effects better!)
Release Notes: Tweaked defaults slightly, working on take profit next!
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.4

  • Added optional long term trend filter (using the same parameters as the main resolution) to only trade with the trend!
  • Added Take Profit option (with new corresponding alert condition) to catch short term spikes
  • New default values / repeat filter off by default (still investigating TV Alert issues)

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Release Notes: Fixed Take Profit (was firing in both "directions" no matter if in Short or Long)
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.5

  • Added "Average True Range" based stop loss option
  • Fixed Take Profit misfires with active Trend Filter
  • Split Take Profit into regular and "Spike" Take Profit
  • Complete internal refacturing and overhaul of UI/settings
  • Added T3 and ZeroLag EMA
  • New default values to minimize repaints and even work ok with active Force Delay Close
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.6

  • Added optional laddering of Take Profit
  • "Average True Range" based stop loss now working
  • A lot of Stop Loss and Take Profit improvements/fixes
  • Added more trend confirmation timeframes
Release Notes: General info: the higher the multiplier, the more the MA will lead to changing values/signals esp. close to the cross condition - best used on longer timeframes like 1hr and up and with Trend Confirmation option enabled!
The trailing adaptive stop loss can be used as trailing take profit!
Release Notes: Fixed some trend confirmation timeframe calculations
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.7

  • Added simple price volatility filter to avoid sideways action
  • Added option to avoid placing signals "against" bar trend
  • Added seperate trend resolution multiplier (0 = same as main strat)
  • Added "SL Squeeze" option to reduce SL % when certain profit % is reached
  • Several TP/SL logic fixes (and "Spike TP" is a seperate trigger now)
Release Notes: Several small TP / spike TP / SL fixes
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.8

  • Added second (historic) volatility filter for even better sideways avoidance
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.8a
  • Better handling of filtered signals
  • Some bigger (again) fixes in TP/SL logic
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 1.9
  • Added option to use HA candles internally as a smoothing filter
  • Added option to not use "lookahead" for the moving averages, reducing "repaints"
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 2.0
  • Added optional RSI filter/confirmation
  • Added max spread filter to avoid entering trades in spikes
  • Added TP1-3 alert conditions in addition to general TP alert
  • Fixed several trade logic issues
  • NOTE: "Trend", "RSI" and "Sideways" are enabled/disabled via the checkbox next to their titles now!
Trial access can be requested here or via E-Mail / Discord:
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Release Notes: Fixed max spread filter & tweaked defaults
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 2.1
  • Completely new defaults, optimized for XBT 1hr and "no repaints" (used with "Once Per Bar Close")
  • Fixed the signal repeat filter and enabled by default
  • Optimized the max spread filter
  • NOTE: The new default is not combining timeframes thus safer to use with the TV Alert System - still a multiplier greater 1 (if used correctly) should yield better results! (new settings and results will be published in our Wiki)
Trial access can be requested here or via E-Mail / Discord:
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Release Notes: Little trade state fix for cases where repeats were filtered
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: Changed Trend Confirmation Defaults
Release Notes: Added option to close trades after TP levels
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 2.3
  • New defaults based on XBTUSD 1hr with regular 1.2% profits
  • Improved plotting of signals depending on trade state
  • Added info if a swingtrade ended in loss
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 2.4
  • Improved plotting of SL in profit (yellow!) and SL on trade exit/entry
  • Fixed classic (non adaptive) trailing (now behaving like trailing on your exchange)
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 2.5
  • Added option to chose entry price for TP/SL calculation (for once per bar alerts chose Open or Average, otherwise Close)
  • Fixed TP signals not showing when triggered on same bar as entry
Release Notes: -
Release Notes: - SL / TP fixes for close vs open price setting
Release Notes: 2.6:
- BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: checkbox behind "Filter" now switches "Min Cross Spread %" on/off!
- fixed SL sometimes not showing orange while being in profit / change sideways defaults (max spread)
Release Notes: - Quickfix for change in TV wma function
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 3.0
  • Added adaptive sideways filter, engaging only in case a trade would exit with loss
  • Integrated historic volatility index (based on BitMEX:BVOL24H) as sideways filter option
  • Integrated trade volume threshold as sideways filter option
  • Added adaptive override to "Not against bar trend" filter which keeps it from missing bigger moves
  • Added adaptive override to sideways filter which keeps it from missing bigger moves
  • Made window size of the min cross spread filter configurable which in turn makes higher min cross spread settings usable
  • Multiple TP levels reached on one candle are now correctly shown/simulated
  • When "Close Trades with" option is set to "Take Profit" it now issues the highest TP level
  • Defaults are very specific to XBTUSD 1h favoring less trades with bigger profit per trade, for more info please visit our Wiki and/or Discord!
Trial access can be requested here or via E-Mail / Discord:
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100 days only very few lossy exits and NO SL hit!
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 3.1
  • Added max price variation and max historic volatility limit filter against violent market corrections
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 3.2
  • Added more timeframes to trend confirmation resolution
  • Added option to show SL only before any TP
  • Added min historic volatility to adaptive sideways filter
  • Added optional max cross spread limiter
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 3.5
  • Adapted to use Pinescript v4 enabling the use of plot values in alerts!
  • Added option to show signal stats / overall profit loss calculation (beta / TP1 profit only!)
  • Replaced SL Squeeze option with multiple SL-from-TP levels
  • Added option for additional trade logic only stoploss (SL "Buffer")
  • Added Min Spread option for better sideways protection
  • Added Min/Max Spread Window options for improved "bart" protection
  • Added ATR settings and ATR offset % to better tweak ATR stoploss
  • Limited ATR with hard baseline stoploss
  • Added Exit Loss Buffer % option to account for fees/slippage
  • Added Trend Resolution option "From Chart"
  • Added Trend Bar Delay option
  • Improved RSI and Historic Volatility descriptions
  • Added seperate Alert Conditions for TP/SL/Spike according to trade direction
  • Added option to signal trades open longer than given number of bars
  • Added Custom Name field to improve selection for multiple layers
  • Fixed Spike Profit option sometimes triggering errornously
  • New default settings optimized for XBTUSD 1H (90% win rate for >1yr!)
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.0
  • Added new Cross Spread Override option (counteract filtering of bigger moves, more TPs!)
  • Performance improvements due to optimized MA switching!
  • Renamed "Cyclical" volatility filter to its original "Switch" and added maximum limit, variable window and smoothing options (better sideways filtering!)
  • Added multi-level profit calculations / virtual position simulation - beta!
  • Added risk based buy-in and (maximum) leverage auto calculation
  • Added OHLC, side, size, lev., TP and SL to default alert message syntax
  • Added new unified entry alert condition
  • Added stochastic and smoothing options for RSI filter
  • Added MA type options for trend, price variation and volume filter
  • Added PEMA (Pentuple Exponential), LMA (Leo), CMA (Corrected), CWMA (Cubed Weighted), OWMA (Optimal Weighted), SRWMA (Square Root Weighted), EHMA (Exponential Hull), FLSMA (Fisher Least Squares), LRMA (Linear Regression), LFMA (Laguerre Filter), SFMA (Sequential Filter) and JMA (Jurik) moving averages
  • Removed "Stop Loss only before TP" option (now auto according to stat TP amounts)
  • Added debug info option for entries resulting in SL or TP (limited by TV/Pine to the last ~50 entries)
  • Added seperate counts for long/short per SL/TP etc. to stats
  • Changed display of durations in stats to mins/hours/days (dynamic)
  • Added non-lossy flips to stats
  • Plot lines for SL/TP now hidden when not in trade
  • Fixed Cross Strength Min/Max/Override settings not being percentage (prev 0.01 = now 1.0 !)
  • Fixed Exit Loss Buffer setting not being percentage (prev 0.01 = now 1.0 !)
  • Fixed some Lossy/SL exit conditions being indicated erroneously
  • Fixed ZEMA (Zero Lag) calculation
  • Fixed Spike Profit alert condition
  • Improved defaults for XBTUSD 1H setup
NOTE: Values for "Cross Strength Min" (formerly "Cross Spread Min"), "Cross Strength Max" (formerly "Cross Spread Max") and "Exit Loss Buffer" have to be multiplied by 100 compared to previous OCC versions!
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.1 - Only some small cosmetic styling fixes
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.2 - Fixed profit/loss calculations for short positions
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.5
  • Implemented new TV alert() calls for all indicator conditions (+"Alert Level" setting for what to trigger)
    => One TV alert now handling ALL indicator signals! (entry: once per bar close, SL/TP etc: once per bar)
    The signal triggered (PV alert) uses the name entered under "Custom Name" in the indicator
    with a suffix added for the type of alert (SL/TP etc):
    Level: 1, Signal: (Entry)
    Level: 1, Signal: _SPIKE
    Level: 1, Signal: _TIMEOUT
    Level: 2, Signal: _SL
    Level: 3, Signal: _TP1
    Level: 4, Signal: _TP2
    Level: 5, Signal: _TP3
    (all calculated data like quantity, leverage, SL, TP1..3 is automatically sent as custom variables!)
  • Overhauled core to always use historic data for any data accessed in non-chart-native resolution
    and removed unnecessary legacy settings => "repainting" impossible even with "exotic" settings!
  • Changed old multiplier setting into "Cross Resolution" drop down selection
  • Adapted all resolution drop downs to offer the same selections
  • Added compatiblility with all second-based chart resolutions
  • Added "Trend Strength" filter and added info to entry labels
    Negative value: Switch to "No Trend" (=no trades!) if strength is below/above on trend change
  • Added "Trend On Entry" filter (factor of trend strength on entry vs when trend changed)
  • Added drop down selection for 30+ different volatility indices
  • Added second "Volatility Index B" filter
  • Added "Cross Strength Mid" filter setting: 4% deadband, use negative value for 8%
  • Added "Volatility Switch Mid" filter setting: 4% deadband, use negative value for 10%
  • Added "Price Variation Mid" filter setting: 5% deadband, use negative value for 15%
  • Added "RSI Deadband" filter setting: 3% deadband, use negative value for 9%
  • Fixed some Flip/LossySL conditions leading to slightly wrong stats / virtual positions
  • Fixed calculated stats when in trade (open position)
  • Added Maximum Drawdown infos to stats
  • Added SL/TP Streak infos to stats
  • Added Min/Max Balance infos to stats
  • Added support for from-date and date ranges to "Maximum Days Back" setting
    Supported formats:
    ddd => last ddd days (same as previous versions)
    mm-dd => from date mm-dd till now (this year)
    yy-mm-dd => from date yy-mm-dd till now (given year)
    mm-dd-mm-dd => from first given date mm-dd till second given mm-dd (this year)
    yy-mm-dd-mm-dd => from first given date yy-mm-dd till second given yy-mm-dd (same year)
    yy-mm-dd-yy-mm-dd => from first given date yy-mm-dd till second given yy-mm-dd (given years)
  • Increased total limit of info labels to new TV maximum
  • Setting RSI/Vol Smoothing to negative value forces EMA smoothing (instead of SMA)
  • Setting leverage to -x forces auto leverage to be limited to x maximum
  • Setting leverage to -1 forces rounding down to a valid FTX leverage
  • Added the given settings name (Custom Name) to stats
  • Added exact bartime to all info labels
  • Added warnings for common risky setups to stats (high risk etc.)
  • Added plot with entry / break-even price
  • Added hidden plots for TP2/3 prices (now submitted with entry alerts!)
  • Fixed all occurences of "Pine cannot determine length of a series" error
  • Fixed quantity/leverage etc. randomly not being sent anymore with alerts
  • Removed "Trend" and "VolH" from info labels if the setting is disabled
  • Updated 1h XBTUSD (BitMEX) default settings
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.5a
  • Negative "Cross Strength Override %": Override "Volatility Sw Max" and "Trend On Entry"
  • Added current drawdown to info labels
  • Started adding tooltips with help/short explanations for each setting
Release Notes: ProfitView Open Close Cross 4.6
  • Added "Volatility Index Mid" (Deadband) filter setting
  • Added 2nd "Price Variation Mid" (Deadband) filter setting
  • Added "Volume Min Override" filter setting (using Cross Strength)
    and properly renamed old setting to "Volume Max Override"
  • Added "Min Bars since" options for entry/SL/TP (before new signal is allowed)
  • Added time since previous entry/exit info to alert messages
  • Added detailed filter statistics for any "Info Level" showing filtered signals
  • Added "Info Level" options to show filtered entries with reason etc.
  • Added better protection against alert() misfires (once per bar vs per close)
  • Added all detail info as variables to alert messages
  • Added "Close % at Spike" option to only close position partially on spike TP
  • Added "Close % at Timeout" option to close position when "Signal Trades longer than" triggers
  • Added statistics for "Spike TP" and "Timeout"
  • Added better indication to entry details if an override triggered
  • Allow "Cross Strength Mid %" to be above "Cross Strength Override %"
  • Added "Trend On Entry Override Idx" switch to protect volatility index from override
  • Added "Bar Filter Color" switch (now off by default)
  • Added option to show overall statistics as pinned tables fixed to screen
  • Moved overall statistics to better position (not covering other info)
  • Fixed no-repaint for alternative timeframes caused by Pine changes
  • Fixed FTX compatible leverage rounding when "Leverage" set to -1
  • Fixed current SL/TP Streak statistics
  • Improved XBTUSD 1h defaults using new features
  • Ported to Pine v5 and restructured/cleaned up core
Release Notes: Corrected typo
Release Notes: Fixed wrong number of TP1 for longs on pinned stats
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