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This is my combo indicator with a lot of useful indicators in the same indicator.
I have now updated this to pine script version 5.
With this update I have also made some changes.
Mainly I have added individual extra moving averages that can be toggled quickly on and off in the settings and changed to whatever time frame you want.

This indicator includes:

Bollinger bands , Ichimoku cloud , EMA's, SMA's (both with the ability to change between different versions of moving averages), Ichimoku coud signals on conversion-/base-line cross in 2 different ways, as well ass signal for spotting the lagging span 26 periods behind from the last conversion-/base-line cross.
It also includes Bullmakret support band and 50week EMA and SMA .
All of them have a quick toggle in the settings, so that you can only show what you like to use.

This indicator is totally free, both as in free beer and as in freedom! You can do whatever you want with this code, as long as you are not trying to make a profit out of it other then making your own trades.
If you reuse or do any changes to the code, then give credit where credit is due and add your own name.

If you want to give gratitude for my effort, a nice thank you is enough, but as everyone knows every penny count, so if you want give a donation, you can do that here:

BTC: 1M9yxwoGBiMebQktow8vQYV3J9EDAFwiYd
ETH (ERC20): 0xb392f5f58bd10de374736ac337cfd9635cd92d20
XRP: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh
XRP MEMO: 102109716
paypal: michael.nyberg@gmail.com

If you have any input or suggestions then please contact me at michael.nyberg@gmail.com

Release Notes:
I have now added:
* SAR with up and down colors (turned on by default).
You can make them the same color in Style settings if you want, but by default they are green and red.
* The ability to show background color in a SAR uptrend (turned off by default).
* MacD-cross signal in the form of background color (turned off by default)
If you want to show only positive or negative MacD-cross you can toggle them off individually in Style settings where you choose the color.

I also renamed it to mikul's combo indicator ;)
Release Notes:
I added the Supertrend indicator with buy and sell signals.
Both Supertrend and Supertrend buy/sell signals are off by default and both can be toggled individually in the Quick toggle.

It might look a bit messy together with the Ichimoku cloud, so either use it separately or play around with the colors to get it how you want.

Remember that this indicator is made in dark mode, so if you don't use a dark background I guess it all will look like crap. I recommend that you use a dark background on your charts.
Release Notes:
I have now added a "infobox" (that at the moment isn't really a box :-D) that shows Bitcoin price and Bitcoin dominance.
You can toggle it on and off in the Quick toggle and also change offset and color for the text also in the Quick toggle (input tab in settings).

At the moment it is really basic, but I might work on it some more in the future and add some other stuff or change around the style. Please tell me if you have any ideas or would like any specific information in the "infobox" and I might consider it.

Thanks Rey for the idea!
Release Notes:
I realized that I had made an mistake in the code, so the ability to change color on the new "infobox" did fuck up the ability to change color on just about anything. So I have now removed that option meanwhile I look for the reason to why that is.
The BTC.D "infobox" is still available but you cant change color on it as of now. I will be back when I've figured that out.

I did that part in quite a rush while beeing on a train with my kids, so its not strange that there where some errors in that pice of code ;)
Release Notes:
I have now added a line which you can toggle on and off called "MA line 1".
It is a line that represent a moving average on a specific time line. You can change color, type of moving average, length of moving average and source.
It is turned off by default.

I also fixed the bug in color change for the BTC.D infobox.
Release Notes:
There still was a problem with the BTC.d infobox. Color is postponed.
Release Notes:
I have fixed a bug in the new MA line indicator.
When it was toggled off, the moving average was still active att the set timeframe and length but not shown, causing it to change (or compress) the chart if the moving average was to far from the price action.
I has now been fixed by setting the time frame to 1 minute if the MA Line indicator is toggled off in the "Quick toggle".
I also changed the default values to 21 daily ema. Not really that relevant but it was just to not compress the charts to much if 50 week was to far away from the price, but it easily changed.
Release Notes:
I removed the supertrend buy/sell signals when the supertrend is not toggled. It was something I had forgotten to do.
Release Notes:
I have now:
* Turned on ichi signal by default
* Turned on market info by default
* Changed BTC.D infobox into market info and added Total market cap, Total market cap 2 and DXY (Dollar index).
* Fixed the color change bug for market info, so you can now change color on market info. (I had made a stupid mistake :D)
* I have added the ability to change color on multi timeframe moving averages directly in the "Quick toggle".
* Changed color on supertrend to brighter green and red.

I hope you like the new features!
Release Notes:
turned off infobox by default
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