HOWTO Get Earnings

A method how you can access Earnings in your Pine Script code. Enjoy!
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study("HOWTO Get Earnings")
// NOTE: this is not a part of public API.
// It could be changed in the future.
t = "ESD:" + ticker + "_EARNINGS"
esti = security(t, "D", open, true)
earn = security(t, "D", close, true)
plot(esti, style=circles, linewidth=4)
plot(earn, style=cross, linewidth=4)


How can I get the earning date and exit a trade my strategy, for example, one day ahead?

Assume I have:

Sell = (some rules) or earningDate

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Hey vitvlkv can you help me understand what exactly ESD:Ticker_Earnings is doing?
Possible to add the estimated lookahead? thanks.