ETS Breakout Levels

This indicator mimics the breakout levels a professional trader would draw and watch for trading opportunities. It is a very powerful tool to have.

The lines are drawn as soon as a new breakout level is detected, and the line is then automatically extended to the right, making it easy to see when the market reacts to it.

Knowing where important levels on a chart are, immediately takes you from having no idea where the market might make a big move, to being a trader ready to take action at the right time.

The Breakout Levels indicator is also very good at keeping you out of the market when it's simply choppy and difficult to trade, because the breakout levels will most likely fall outside of the choppy sideways consolidation area, but still prepare you for when the market finally picks a direction again.

This indicator also includes colored time bands that mark times during the trading day where historically stocks often reverse course, or may enter a period of consolidation. These times coincide with tea breaks, lunch breaks or times when news are typically announced.

For Forex traders, there are colored session bands that help you to easily see when the major markets are open.

What Makes It So Powerful?

- Give you a signal as early as possible and does not "repaint" once the bar completes
- Reacts to fast market direction changes like a master trader
- Is super easy to understand and implement in your trading
- Can be used for Forex, Stocks and Crypto
- Works on all timeframes

This indicator also has a number of options you can change in Settings:

1. "Safety Margin" - I keep this at zero, but if you want a bigger "buffer" for safety before entering a trade you can increase this value.
2. "Hidden Above Interval (Minutes)" - The Forex sessions or Stock important daily times can be set to be hidden above a certain timeframe to keep your charts clean.
3. "Show Moving Averages" - All of the moving averages that are included for convenience can be shown or hidden by setting this value.
3.1. The next 5 settings all deal with moving averages that can be shown or hidden individually.
4. "Show Stock Pivot Times" - There are a number of trading times for US Stocks that are important during the trading day, and this setting will highlight them.
4.1. "Show Main Stock Pivot Times" - This shows only the Stock trading times that are deemed the most important, and around these times the market often change direction (e.g. after the morning break, after lunch, etc.)
5. "Show Forex Sessions" - Does pretty much what it says, and you can also adjust the hours if you wish.
6. "Extreme Move Reversal Points" - If an extreme market move has been detected, and this is enabled, a "X" will be shown above or below the bar to indicate that the market might reverse.
7. "More Signals" - If you want to see more potential breakout levels, enable this option.
8. "Show VWAP" - This will include the VWAP indicator as a convenience if selected.

How To Use the ETS Breakout Levels Indicator

1. Add the indicator to any chart you wish to trade, Crypto, Forex or Stocks and set it to the timeframe you prefer. For instance, I use it on 1 minute and 5 minute charts for daytrading Stocks. For Forex I generally use a 15 minute chart, and longer timeframes for Crypto.

2. Open the Settings and change values to suit your requirements as described above.

3. When the indicator has determined that a new breakout level has formed, it will draw a line and extend it to the right so that you can see when future bars come close to it.

4. Price action will either bounce off it, or pierce through it and continue on.

5. If the market is relatively far away from smaller moving averages such as the 9 EMA or 20 EMA , expect that the price action might first move back to the moving averages before continuing in the new direction identified by the indicator.

6. When these levels are broken, it is often an indication of a breakout occurring and it can give you some very significant market moves.

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