Flunki Tidy Selectable MA Horizontals

Wat dis sir ?

This script ;

Plots horizontal Moving Average levels, with length and type labels, with cosmetic color options.

The selectable MA type is applied globally, not per level, keeping things simple.

Available Moving Average Types : SMA , SMMA , EMA , DEMA , TEMA , LSMA , MSMA, RMA, HMA

I can add more if this does not feel like enough MAs ;) ALMA , VWMA , KAMA seem likely candidates, I'm not sure more is better though :D


Release Notes: Added ALMA plus ALMA options
Release Notes: Added a bunch of preset MA values using interesting number sequences. Happy to add more if anyone has any specific suggestions..


"Flunki Faves #1 - 44/65/99/144/198"

"Flunki Faves #2 - 314/390/560/780/1440"

"Standard Set - 25/50/100/200/300"

"Fib Retrace Levels - 23/38/50/61/78"

"Fib Retrace Levels x10 - 236/382/500/618/786"

"Fib Low - 21/34/55/89/144"

"Fib High - 233/377/610/987/1597"

"Fib Primes - 47/83/131/137/359"

"Lucas Number Low - 47/53/61/71/79"

"Lucas Number High - 113/313/353/503/613"

"Lucas Primes - 11/29/47/199,533"

"Square Numbers #1 - 9/16/25/36/49"

"Square Numbers #2 - 64/81/100/121/144"

"Magic Square Set - 15/34/65/111/175"

"Catalan Number Series - 14/42/132/429/1430"

"Hex Numbers Low - 6/15/28/45/66"

"Hex Numbers High - 91/120/153/190/231"

"Four One - 14/41/114/144/414"
Release Notes: Added more presets, reload to update.
Release Notes: Added a few more number sequences and a global multiplier...

check out the 250 / 500 / 1000 EMA on $XBT H2 above :)
Release Notes: Added some cute rising / falling flags to each MA level to indicate ascending / descending
Release Notes: Little update giving the option to flip the labels to the left or right... it is called "Tidy" after all...

After using for a while I prefer them on the right..

Check out all the funky number presets, added a couple more..

"More Minimal" - 55 / 200
"Just 200" - just 200 !

Happy ATH kids x
Release Notes: I broke ALMA

fixed now uwu
Release Notes: Added VWAP plus rising / falling lookback and colour option
Tidied up some defaults
Label left offset adjustment increased to be useful.

Seasons Greeeeetings...
Release Notes: Added an option to hide all lines, but levels and rising falling markers still shown.
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