FX Market Sessions

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Release Notes:
  • 1分足ではエラーになるので、3分足以上を有効とするよう変更しました
  • 色をいくつか追加しました
Release Notes: - Added a feature "Show New High/Low of Its Sessions?"

Release Notes:
  • Added a feature "Selecting the Rectangle Line Style".
  • Changed: "New High/Low Backgrounds is changed to works on realtime only".
Release Notes:
  • Changed the fixed session times and labels to input
  • Added Fibonacci lines
  • Removed a switch of realtime, always painting in realtime
Release Notes:
  • Added Opening Range option.
  • Removed New High/Low Background colors option.
  • Removed Fibonacci lines option.

    This Opening Range High and Low is calculated at 30 minutes from the market started.
Release Notes: Modified what drawing lines was not well.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option that set color of each sessions.
  • Added the alerts when session is started and ended.
  • And added some options.
Release Notes: Using ``
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Opening range's lookback periods"
  • Added alerts "Opening range breakout" (and Its visualization).
Release Notes: Modified (added `max_bars_back` in study funcsion)
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Extends Forwards"
  • Added an option "Show history"
  • Removed an option "Background colors". If you want no background, set the "Background opacity" to 100.

Example 1
When the "Extends Forwards" is checked.
(and in this case "Show history" is always unchecked.)

Example 2
When the "Show history" is unchecked.
Release Notes: Changed the default settings.
  • The "Extends forwards" is unchecked on default.
Release Notes:
  • Changed to be able to set "Extends" for each section
  • And you can choice "Extends" or "Extends + End line"
  • Removed an option "Show History"
  • Added an option "Opening Range Line Style"
  • Could be displayed on 1 min TF

The blue one is that selected "Extends + End line".
The red one is that selected "Extends".
Release Notes:
  • Solved the alert message 'get_posTopAndBottom...'
  • Added an option "Fibonacci lines" (Experimental feature)
  • Moved an option "Opening Range"

Example: Fibonacci lines
Release Notes:
  • Solved the study error. (Added "max_lines_count")
Release Notes:
  • Migrated to Pine script v5.
  • Added an option "Progress".
  • Added a changed value on labels.
  • Opening range's style changed.
Release Notes:
  • Changed the closed icon.
  • Changed to prevent negative values from entering the bracket.
Release Notes: Added the "HTF Candles"

Release Notes: Added an options "Display" and "Extend" on the HTF Candles.
You can choose between "Only today", "Only previous day", and "All".
The "Extend" option is only applied when you select "Only previous day".

Release Notes: Added an option "Display" on HTF Candle.
You can choose to display "Close-Open only", "High-Low only", or "Both".
Release Notes: Changed the minimum line thickness from 1 to 0.
Release Notes:
  • Changed the method of calculating the x-coordinate of a box.
  • Removed the HTF (It plan to move on to other indicator)

Release Notes: Removed an options 'Closed icon'.
This is not necessary since the box is always displayed until the end time.
Release Notes: Added the options "Oscillator mode".

Release Notes: Added alerts that's "Price crossed the session's High/Low after session closed".
Release Notes: Changed the option about "Labels".
  • Changed the selection method.
  • Added an option "Day".

Release Notes: Fixed an issue that the 1st candle of session was not wrapped in the box.
Release Notes: The calculation of the periods of the Opening-range has been improved.
Release Notes:
  • Modified the period calculation for Opening-range.
  • Removed the display conditions by timeframe
Release Notes: Changed the default value of session time based on "'s forex market hours".
Release Notes: Fixed drawing issue.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Candle"
  • Removed an option "Filled area"

Example: Candle
Release Notes: Added "GMT+430" and "GMT+330" time zones.
Release Notes: Added "GMT+530" time zones.

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