[STRATEGY][V3.1]-HeartBeat=-HB HHHL

For the past year this team has worked hard on developing a unique, novelty indicator called -=Heartbeat=-.

This script been developed for predominantly trading altcoins, but it works well on all cryptocurrencies. It has even recorded success in stocks, options and currencies.

With the Autoview plugin, or Gunbot, you'll also have the ability to set up alerts for trades to take place. No more watching the charts endlessly trying to figure out what's going to happen next!
Let -=Heartbeat=- read the pulse of the market.

(Soon we'll be implementing a service where you'll be able to trade from a Google 0.26% 1.41% sheet)

- Filter for only longs or only shorts to enhance Backtest accuracy.
- Enhanced Pluto Compatibility
- Non-repaint
- Limited numbers available
- In this version we added short backtesting also

With our script comes to possibility of fine-tuning -=Heartbeat=- to suit whatever it is you decide to trade.
(As time goes on we will keep testing new tokens on different timeframes so that there's a reference to go by)

You'll also get access to a variety of other scripts.


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We at Heartbeat implore you to do your own research beforehand and, whenever possible, to verify your research independently with a registered and licensed financial advisor.
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