Binque's Multi-Moving Average

Binque's Multi-Moving Average - One indicator with four simple moving average and four exponential moving averages, plus as a bonus a Day High moving average and a Day Low Moving Average.

Simple Moving Average or MA(14), MA(50), MA(100) and MA(200) all in one indicator
Exponential Moving Average or EMA (8), EMA (14), EMA (20) and EMA (33) all in one indicator

Day High Moving Average - Tracks the Daily High versus most moving averages track the daily close.
Day Low Moving Average - Tracks the Daily Low versus most moving average track the daily close.

To Disable moving averages, Set the color to the chart background and then set the length to 1 and uncheck.

I Use the Daily High Moving Average to track upward resistance in a stock movement for Swing Trading.
I Use the Daily Low Moving Average to track my trailing stop in a stock movement for Swing Trading.

Release Notes: Updated the screen appearance - 2 EMA and 2 MA and DayHi MA and Day Low MA.
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