Bettle Bolt Gold Algorithm V.2 [BINARY OPTION]

This algorithm was built for Professional and Institutional Traders and NOT Gamblers. here's why;

1. Optimized specifically for Binary options traders - (If you want to grow your account to six figures you need to use this)

2. Different trade expiration clearly stated in the alerts and on screen - (1Min,2Min & 5Min Trades of both Calls and Puts)

3. Results of your trade are shown on the screen to make you estimate performance easily (P.S: No one else has done this)

4. Simplified for EASY USE, just add to chart and set alerts. Every signal has an alert for immediate notification.

5. Each signal has reviewed the RSI , Candle Pattern, ATR, Volume and Multiple Time frame for confirmation.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE WITH THIS ?? Because that is all that matters. We have done the maths for you!

1. Check the comprehensive results here -

2. Based on your Money Management, you can make the following profit Weekly from using this algorithm

A. Using 5% constant of your starting Balance - Minimum ROI of+ 67.00% (Simple model)

B. Using a maximum risk of 20% Based on the spreadsheet analysis, you can make at least +83.21% weekly (Slightly advanced model)

C. Using a risk based on the Expected Returns(ER) of the algorithm, you can make +298.45% weekly ( advanced model)

3. If you don't understand the spreadsheet simply comment, I will do my best to simplify to you.


1. Follow me on twitter @bettlecrypto

2. Follow my Algorithmic trading company on twitter @rebornmarkets

3. Send me a private message on Tradingview to give you access AND Join the Reborn Markets Telegram group here: (VERY IMPORTANT)

4. Pricing: Free for 7 (seven) Days - afterwards subscription currently discounted at $19.99 / Month . Going back to Original price of $100 by January of 2019.

Happy Trading.

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MONEY MANAGEMENT MODEL - Here's how to allocate your capital per trade with this algorithm

Five Minutes Call -5M-CALL 0.04 (4%)
Five Minutes Put -5M-PUT 0.02 (2%)
Two Minutes Call -2M-CALL 0.19 (19%)
Two Minutes Put -2M-PUT 0.2 (2%)
One Minute Call -1M-CALL 0.2 (2%)
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