Short Term Trade Filters

This Panel consists of supporting filters to be used together with the "Short Term Trade Setups" panel.

These filters are described in the the book (Swedish):

"Boken om Gerillatrading" by Johan Hellström, Peter Nilsson, Johnny Torssell

The panel consists of three rows defined as:

Market Trend : 'green' if a positive Market Trend (choose the relevant to you!)
Turn Of the Month (TOM) : 'green' for the days between the 24:th and the 3:d of the month
Volatility : High-Volatility(yellow), Medium-Vol(orange), Low-Vol(red)

The filters, that can be used independently, will improve the result of the trade signal.
According to the book, 'High-Volatility' is the most important followed by 'TOM'
and then a positive 'Market Trend'.

NOTE: The Market Filter is a daily MA-365 of the relevant Stock Index, or a MA-200 of the price, choose accordingly!
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