Market Profile for Futures with Session and After Hours Split

Adapted existing Market Profile scripts to be move suitable for Futures Markets with Session and After Hours split

  • Script Provides split Market Profiles for Session and After Hours
  • Users can customize the Session and AH hours inputs to suit any ticker and their interpretation of prime and non-prime hours
Release Notes: Corrected AH POC Calculation
Release Notes: Corrected AH POC calculation
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Great work !!

This is emulating the Session Profile indicator available in the Tradingview. If then how to extend the earlier POCs to identify the support and resistance ?
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nice, ill be testing this out asap.
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hlo sir.. kindly tell me one thing .. on which basis ah vah or ah val level are created.. plzz
Great Work but lil clumsy ! My suggestion is to put session time frame 9:15 - 5:30 would be helpful to monitor from Morning Bell
Amazing!!! Thanks. Could you confirm with GMT are the entry reference?

Thanks again.