Bettle Bolt Algorithm V1.0 FOR [BINARY OPTION]

Have you been losing funds to your Binary option Broker due to excessive losses ??? THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING THE INTERNET FOR!

This script uses the relative strength , price action, candle formation and the Bettle Series research scripts to develop a powerful Binary option trading algorithm - even VDUB is no match for this.

The Master Script of this Algorithm is the Bettle GOLD BOLT ALGORITHM which filters out all the noise and uncertainty in this algorithm because this algorithm works best during trendy markets. Sideways markets tended to give very fluctuating performance, please use it efficiently with knowledge of price action.

For FREE access to this Algorithm, please do the following;
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1. Model - This algo works best on the 1 minute time frame, just following the TREND because all the analysis is ongoing behind the scene. when the arrow plots, UP-Arrow indicates a BUY or CALL or UP and a DOWN-Arrow indicates a SELL or PUT or DOWN. You should set the expiration of your trade to 1-minute or best at the end of the candle. If you don't know how to achieve this - please let me know, I would be more than happy to train you for FREE.

2. Power - This algo works on a series of assets - EURUSD , EURJPY , EURAUD , AUDJYP etc. - traders should trade best during active market hours to make sure that they are able to find good trend to climb, SIDE WAYS MARKET WILL RESULT IN REPAINTING AND LOSSES. but for the GOLD BOLT. Trends are already determined for you, so best for total newbies.

3. Performance - Backtested and currently used - about 79.65% performance considering different factors, performance varied from trader to trader.

4. Alerts ? - Yes there is the option to set alert but we disapprove setting up alerts because the arrows plots several times per minute and this can clog your entire trading experience, best used side by side with your brokerage chart. When candles appear, just enter the trade. better that way.

5. Trading Tool - Built for Binary Options ONLY.

6. Money Management - If you are an expert; you can compound the stakes in a trend for maximum profit as an hedge. If you are a newbie, please use a Constant percentage of your capital which will dynamically change based on the new capital on your brokerage account after each trade either win or loss. - Ask me for more information if you need further assistance join the community.

7. Pricing: Free for 7 (seven) Days - afterwards subscription is $20 per Month. It will be continually Free for you if you tell your friends about it,as a way of being of value to people around you. You and your Friend will get more FREE time.

4 years ago, we started on the journey of mastering the financial markets to enable anyone take advantage of the opportunities it holds. Today, we unveil Bettle Bolt Series, the answer to your search for Binary options algorithms with the highest win rate.
Treat trading as a business, stop losing to your broker.

PEACE! Thank You!
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