(VIP) VSA Scanner v2

This script is major rewritten from scratch analysis of Volume Spread Analysis in comparison to previous version. New definitions have been added, calculations of Spread, Volume and Trend have been optimised and signals are much more accurate. I created script based on definitions coming from methodology of Volume Spread Analysis. Signals appearing below candle are treated as SOS (Signal of Strength) and those above candles - SOW (Signal of Weakness). Also we can see automatic identification of Bullish / Bearish Volume . Script is judging Spread and Volume used for identifying VSA Signals based on multiple factors. Also analysis of Effort & Result have been added, easily allowing to spot continuations of trend and divergences.

All major signals from VSA have been added like Stopping Volume , Climaxes, End of Rising Market, Bag Holding etc.

In case of interest, please contact me directly via DM on Tradingview or please see link to documentation from my signature where you can find more information about Subscription and script itself.
Release Notes: Correction of adding missing in some definitions optional condition of minimum volume to perform analysis
Release Notes:
  • Corrected and updated definitions of signals accordingly to the most recent rules of VSA methodology
  • Optimised performance of calculations
  • Added new VSA Signals
  • Bugfixes
Release Notes: Corrected and rewritten mechanism of calculating volume average from last sessions defined via Inputs
Release Notes: Adjusted code to bug-fix for calculation Session Average Volume
Release Notes:
  • corrected few signals definition and classification in SOW
  • adjusted alerts to reflect the newest bugfixes
Release Notes:
  • new function - Volume-based S/R levels
  • added display of EMA200
Release Notes:
  • Added option to display auto-adaptive Hull Moving Average based on Range or Volume present on the market
Release Notes: Corrected signals definitions from original VSA methodology.

There are four categories of signals now marked as below:
  • Cross and Diamond - major signals predicting possible trend reversal
  • Circle - Signals of Weakness/Strength
  • Triangle - Tests from VSA methodology
  • Flag - is displaying signals when Supply/Demand Zone were broken

Ideal scenario would be to get firsty Cross or Diamond Signal, then Circle and Triangle - but it's not always happening. It's individual judgement of trader what makes a difference and can turn signals from VSA Scanner into profitable trade.
There are also drawn Supply (orange) and Demand Zones (blue).

Scanner is not displaying all Wyckoff's nor VSA signals in order to simplify things but I tried to reflect as much as possible in it - that's why we have also Strength and Weakness Signals or Confirmations being displayed on chart.
Release Notes: Bugfix - restore original functionalities of Volume Zones & Auto-Adaptive Moving Average that disappeared (by mistake!) within previous update
Release Notes: Modified coloring of signals (in order of importance):
Bullish - Green, Blue, Purple
Bearish - Red, Orange, Yellow

Also I've added logic to limit double signals per bars, introducing priority of signals policy and display more important signal per bar in case of multiple signals identified by algo
Release Notes: Bugfixes
Release Notes:
  • corrected definitions of signals from VSA & Wyckoff methodology, improved accuracy
  • added functionality of display Ultra Zones, extremely accurate in trading in case of retests/breakthroughs
Release Notes:
  • Alerts added
  • Adjusted signals accuracy, corrections in definitions
  • Bugfixes
Release Notes:
  • added alternative method of trend calculation (recommended and enabled by default)
  • ultra volume zones are more accurate than even before! Now they're combined strictly with Climactic VSA Signals and Ultra high Volume Levels (you still have possibility to enable display of all volume zones based on vsa)
  • alerts added
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Can you give me access please?
Could you please grant permission for me to use this indicator?
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