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Position Size Calculator / Lot Size Calculator

Disclaimer: I do my best to avoid wrong calculations and bugs. I provide this indicator without warranties of any kind. You bear all risks associated with the use of this indicator.

Market: Adds a name tag to the Table to keep track of the trades.
Entry Price: The entry Price of the Position.
Entry Time: The entry Time/Candle of the Position. If Stop Loss Type is 'ATR' or 'HH/LL' the Value for this is calculated by this Candle.
Stop Loss Type: Changes the Stop Loss Type.
Direction: Define if the trade direction is 'Long' or 'Short'. Has no effect on Stop Loss Type 'Custom'. For this you can just set the Stop Loss below/above the Entry Price.
ATR Multiplier: Multiplies the ATR Value by this number. Has only an effect on Stop Loss Type 'ATR'.
HH/LL Lookback Length: Lookback length for determine Highest High/Lowest Low value. Has only an effect on Stop Loss Type 'HH/LL'.
Custom SL Price: The Stop Loss Price if the Stop Loss Type is set to 'Custom'.
Risk Reward Ratio: The Risk is multiplied by this number to determine the Take Profit Price.
Balance: Balance Amount and Currency
Contract Size: The Position Size is divided by this number. E.G. in Forex one Lot is 100.000 Contracts. Change this Value depending on your Broker and Market.
Risk in %: Percent that is risked of the Balance for one Trade.
Release Notes:
deleted Link
Release Notes:
- added request for trade direction when apply the indicator
- added 'atr source' (see tooltip for more info)
- added display option to show the distence of the tp and sl from the entry price (enable by the checkbox)

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