BAM's Weighted ROC


BAM's Weighted ROC is a Momentum indicator . ROC stands for 'Rate of Change' therefor this indicator plots the reading of a weighted average Rate of Change . In its current form it uses 4 periods en 4 weightings. The periods are set to 21/63/126/252 which corresponds to the number of trading days in each 1/3/6/12 months. The weightings are set to emphasize the more recent periods where the 1-month period counts for 40% of the signal, the 3-monthh period for 30%, the 6-month for 20% and the 12-month for 10%. These settings, both periods and weightings, are customizable. The current settings are meant to serve the widely used 1-day time interval chart setting. Feel free to alter the time frame and adjust the parameters accordingly; eg I like trading the weekly chart on a 10/20/30/ 40 period settings.

BAM's Weighted ROC can be used as a trendfilter for Trend Following trading systems or as an entry signal for Swing trading systems, or both. In the current setting the indicator is set to trend-following; it turns green when positive (above 0), indicating positive momentum. And red when negative (below 0), indicating negative momentum. In the most basic form one can trade a well diversified portfolio of assets using the indicator as guidance for entry and exit signals as it flows back and forth between positive and negative. Another use for the indicator lies in Swing Trading systems. In this approach the transfer from declining momentum into ascending momentum can be interpreted as a shift in momentum from negative to positive, and therefor constitute an entry opportunity. A combination of the 2 signals is of perfectly viable too, wait for positive momentum (reading above 0) in combination with a upward shift from one bar to the other. Use the reverse logic as an exit signal. In these examples the indicator is used in a stand-alone fashion. But off course it can also be used in conjunction with other indicators.

I personally use the two functions, trend-following en swingtrading, in tandem (combined)

for further reading into the rational behind Trend Following trading systems I recommend the following sources:
- Free Read: Google for 'Meb Faber, Global Asset Allocation' he gives out free copies on his website. Meb is a well known character in the Momentum-factor arena.
- Easy read: 'Following the trend' By Andreas Clenow. I don't think there is any Trend Following trader that doesn't know this chaps work.
- sophisticated Read: Trend Following with Managed Futures by A. Greyserman and K. Kaminski. This one is for those who seriously mean business!

Good luck out there, pls consider that the momentum factor holds an edge, at least based on historical performance, but this out-performance (most often) lies in the low single digits.

Pls be aware that use of this indicator is at your own risk. All info provided is solely presented for educational purposes.

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